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Clerics! (Oh no not again?)

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Clerics! (Oh no not again?) Empty Clerics! (Oh no not again?)

Post  Kiirtan Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:41 pm

Add the option(as in D&D 3.5) to be a cleric with no deity, but rather, adhering to a faith in an abstract concept or ideal.
The Complete Divine offers up in the section "What do you serve?" the concept of simply picking two domains and acting to further a congruent philosophy, and compares it to druids serving nature, rather than a deity representing nature(yay for dirt clerics?). The sacrifice there is there is no god to fall back on, likely no church to go with it, and you are alone, with only your faith to bolster your strength and guide you.
You and your array of cleric spells and feats are really all there is to rely on. That and your comrades. Here's hoping their faith in you is well placed.

In addition, I'd also like to see the option to just worship the entire pantheon, praying for favour from those that are concerned with a given subject as the need arises, and venerating those that are associated with their given subject as it is encountered.

Further, I'd think that the 'congruent philosphy' theory would be best associated with combos like wizard/cleric, or the like. you could combine the two classes, without need to go begging to a god, to represent a wider dabbling into necromantic research, or similarly, to delve to a greater extent into the divine side of magic. Other wild ideas are certainly possible.

Ultimately I suppose this would inspire a shift in the cleric mechanics rather drasticly, as the favor system wouldn't really make sense for every type of cleric applied. I think such long dedication to prayer and whatnot rather than action should build towards other relevent rewards... like potential for visitations or other rather signifigent influences. Say a cleric with a lot of favor from their deity calls in the field for his lost and starving party to be given the strength to carry on... and finds the entire crew rejuvinated as though they'd managed to rest and eat, when in fact that had not. Good luck getting such a gesture from a philosophy alone.

Anyway, ramble mode off. Just thought I'd put my suggestion down on forum.

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