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The "End of Summer Quietness" Coming to a Close

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The "End of Summer Quietness" Coming to a Close Empty The "End of Summer Quietness" Coming to a Close

Post  GM_ODA Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:52 pm

Every year, toward the end of summer, things get quiet around here. I totally understand, get out there and catch some sunshine while you can. Once everyone has settled back into school and similar autumn routines, I hope to see you all back here again.

Be well. Game on.

Be well. Game on.
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The "End of Summer Quietness" Coming to a Close Empty Re: The "End of Summer Quietness" Coming to a Close

Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:32 pm

I tend to play a bit as I can every day, in my evening hours.
It has been quiet ... just a few of us have been on, and lots of times, we are separated in game it seems, and miss each other. Natasha ( My main Char ), and Mialee have interacted the most, and may even be some sort of general friendly-ship between the two ... Natasha just ran into ( quite by accident) another elven character in Nick's , some RP there that might lead to more doings ... maybe.

BUT , ... the server is missing interaction. It's a huge world , lots of areas, so many twist and turns and secrets one character exploring alone, seems very "alone".

I am hoping, we can maybe get at least a solid play-evening/night with a few more folks going.
I discovered a few places, most probably already know of them ... say like the troll area near Tivook ... , of such Natasha entered, cleared the immediate area of immediate threats, and i thought to myself ... " This is way less fun, doing alone ..., if Natasha could even complete it alone."
So I left it , just for the opportunity to go along with others to explore it's depths and secrets too.

The inactiveness of Dms not driving some stories/plots into the mix , also is a tad disheartening ... Even the most ambitious of characters, eventually need some driving force, goals, ect... , that are a bit beyond "self-created interest".

I do so hope it picks up soon myself. I will RP with just about anyone , levels don't matter much to me ... only in the instance of course she can't hang with epic level characters in their combat-effective places. But still, all good ... and if needs be, I can always make a new character or use another low level if preferred as well..., in case some want to start over/new or we get some new blood that stick around.

I just want to do stuff , my characters could learn a lot from the veterans , and discovering along side others is so much more rewarding than some discoveries with no one to share it with.
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