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Curantis's Spiritual Journey

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Curantis's Spiritual Journey Empty Curantis's Spiritual Journey

Post  Nightcaper Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:13 pm

(( This journal, in the event that logbooks are extracted for making in-game books, may be freely implemented in its entirety as a book or other object in-game. I hope one day I might see it in-game as a real book. Smile ))

Praise be, Amaner! After the recent events today, I have decided that I shall keep a journal with me, to record events that have happened to me. Many of these events will be related to Amaner or my devotion to Him, although exceptions such as today may bear entries exciting to read. I will waste no further time, and will now write about what happened today.

I happened upon the Alderwood Inn for some food and rest after making my frequent tithings and prayers to Amaner's altar in North Chonda. In the Alderwood I met two people, one a man who claimed to be a Ranger, and the other a woman who claimed to be a Sorcerer. The gods see arcane magic users as monstrosities, for they use great power without prayer to any deity. Even I find it quite unnatural and dangerous, and it does affect my opinion of her. Nevertheless, it cannot be helped; It is something she was born with, and cannot be faulted the same as a curious Wizard who had the choice of learning the arcane and not learning. I have tried to remind myself that it was how she was born, so I did my best to reserve all judgment.

To the point however, after talking with the two for a short time, I was ready to head back to the temple to commune with Amaner, and study further under the high priest. Before I could even leave my seat, one of the barmaids came up to us, pleading for help. The Ranger... Helthan was his name... answered her, asking what the trouble was. It was hard to make out most of what was discussed, thanks to the noise and bustle of the inn and bar area. What I did hear... or what I think I understood... was that her uncle fell gravely ill due to a certain type of creature. The glands of the creature he was attacked by were needed in order to concoct a cure to the disease, and she was pleading to him for help. Helthan did accept, for what reasons are likely his own, but said that he could not do it alone.

I felt something within my very being crying out, a pressure on my chest that threatened to burst out. I knew it was He, known as Amaner, telling me that this was destiny. An innocent was suffering from sickness, sickness that must be healed, and I am a devout-in-training of Amaner, who represents healing and knowledge. I gave little hesitation, as I told Helthan that I would come; I knew this was a trial of faith, one of many I am sure to run in to. I swore to Amaner that I would help those in need, for all are deserving of healing. Helthan did hear me and was happy, and aye, even the heathen-born Sorcerer, Mialee, did volunteer to help upon being asked. I do not know what it was, but I felt something else at that time; I felt great energy emanating from Mialee. I had a feeling that she was far stronger than she appeared... and I was right.

It is then we set out on our quest under Helthan's steed, whence we traveled west of Tivook. We came upon large groups of goblin-kin, the miserable faithless heathens they are. In such numbers, they were too much for us at close range... however, Mialee had powerful spells she strengthened us with. I had denied the spells before she casted them, yet she still brought them upon me... Amaner, please forgive me for accepting the spells of an arcane heathen! I cannot deny, however, that without the spells it is doubtful we would have completed our quest. (Though I believe truly that if our faith in Amaner held true and we did not indulge in blasphemous arcane powers, He would have guided us through our quest even better than sorcery) The spells did take us through the goblins, then of the cave where more lay, which we then lay them upon the ground 6 feet under. Onward we went until we found the vile creatures... I remember not their full name for it is difficult to pronounce and memorize, but I know it started with a 'T', hmmm. The vile things were, by far, more powerful than the godless monster-kin we fought above! It was then that I had to call upon Undertaker... something I never wanted to do, but I had no choice. Perhaps I shall write about him in the future... we did slay the creatures, and did remove of them their glands. Mialee had somehow brought forth a portal, in which we did return eventually to the Alderwood Inn.

The barmaid was overjoyed to see our quest was successful, although she was disgusted by the glands in the bag we gave her. She was so happy that she allowed us a free room for the day, and a reward was sent to us after our rest. I bid both farewell in the morning, as I had to return to the temple to give great thanks to Amaner for watching over us, and perform minor temple duties. I have always been more of a priest than a battle cleric, so this was one of my few forays in to combat. I am disappointed with myself for allowing arcane power to course through my vessel, one meant for the worship and honor of Amaner. The temptations of heathenism are great, and this was a trial that I have failed. Forgive me, Amaner... I will not allow the arcane to take hold of me so easily in the future!

That's it for this entry. Amaner be with you, reader!

Post-script: No doubt the reader of this journal is wondering what I did with the reward or what it was. It was 500 gold pieces, but I care not for money or wealth; True wealth is the favor and approval of Amaner. Almost every gold piece I earned, apart from enough to cover any minimal living expenses I have, was given as tithing to Amaner's altar and donated to the downtrodden beggars in Dohral. A lesson to the reader: Wealth and power mean nothing when you have faced the true death. All that matters are your deeds and how you live your life. Help this world the best you can, and even if you do not have a deity, respect the gods; For they watch over us always, like a protective father watching his children.

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