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Kind Words About The Server

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Kind Words About The Server Empty Kind Words About The Server

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:23 pm


Every now and again, I bump into something nice on the Internet. This is one of those times. I, just today, happened  across this player comment about our server and I wanted to share it with you all.

BenevolentDevil wrote:As along time , old school role-player, I find Argentum Regio ( I lovingly call Dorahl ) , very well put together, and challenging, but fun.

It has a great staff, and the creator is a genius.

This spot isn't for the mindless , and there is a huge learning curve to it.

Leave your expectations at the door, because this one is not like any other PW you've ever played on/encountered.

But there are quality players, and so many secrets and special things you can do/accomplish here , it' s mind boggling!

At first glance, things might seem big and empty, but you really have to look at everything with a keen eye, listen well, and pay attention cause the smallest clue can land you in big adventure or interesting things quickly, if you are savvy enough to figure it out.

There are some great role-players here , the DMs are creative and you don't get "run of the mill" DM quest, they make you think and act, and do ...

I'm relatively new there, still learning things, and most my characters are generally low level still, so new players ... or new characters, hop on board, look for me, I will hop over and go RP with you, even if I got to make anew toon from scratch to do so.

* Bows*


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THANK YOU for those kind words. Very Happy
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