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2018 NWN:EE and the Future of the Argentum Regio Server

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2018 NWN:EE and the Future of the Argentum Regio Server Empty 2018 NWN:EE and the Future of the Argentum Regio Server


As some of you may know, Neverwinter Nights : Enhanced Edition (NWN:EE) is soon to be released, is being currently tested and available to the community for such testing. It is thought by some that this may re-invigorate the NWN community by bringing in new players and DMs. bounce

Once again we are at a crossroads in the fate of the server. Suspect

Our server, Argentum Regio, is a richly featured server that offers highly scripted systems that enable players and DMs to engage in role playing options that do not exist on any other server. Eriniel and myself have for the past year, updated the server at minimum once each month, further refining those scripts and putting a bit more polish on some areas that needed the work; cleaning up a few known bugs, broken transitions and the like. During this time I have continued to do limited public outreach to invite new players to join our server - with some degree of success as new players have continued to join both the forum and the server albeit only a few each month. Twisted Evil

Eriniel and I are willing and available to continue updating the server as a NWN server as long as the public shows enough interest to ensure that server hosting fees are covered. As of this writing, we have enough funding (thanks to donations) to cover the month (February 19 through March 18th) and a bit of change left over ($27 and change remains in the fund). Shocked

If no further donations are made, I will cover the difference to ensure that the server remains open through April 18th 2018 and then I will allow the server to close along with all related systems. Cool

IF WE RECEIVE MORE DONATIONS FOR THE SERVER WE WILL CONTINUE TO OFFER THE SERVER and continue to update the server at minimum once a month for the foreseeable future. cheers

IF there is interest from the playerbase (please express your views in this thread or via PM to me, GM_ODA) - we (Eriniel and I) are willing to convert the module to NWN:EE AND our current hosting hardware is more than able to host both NWN and NWN:EE versions of the module with ease. cheers cheers

OUTREACH depends on having a web site, in large part because search engines have historically brought us HUGE numbers of new players. Our server no longer has a web site, we need reliable web hosting. If there is sufficient interest expressed in such, I will obtain web hosting again - this will require some modest funding from the public to achieve, so if you're willing to help financially with this, or if you have a web host option you can extend to our few pages, please contact me in this thread of via PM. Exclamation

This has always been an excellent server and is made all the more so by a population of players and DMs. If you would like to see a surge in player and DM participation here, the first step is to click that DONATE button on the forum home page. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.

Regardless of how this should result, server management (Eriniel and GM_ODA) would like to thank EVERYONE who has ever visited our server as a player, EVERYONE who has ever DM'd on our server, EVERYONE who has ever visited our forums and web site, and most especially EVERYONE who has ever DONATED.

As of this writing Argentum Regio will exist for AT MINIMUM two months. . . perhaps even more, with YOUR help.

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2018 NWN:EE and the Future of the Argentum Regio Server :: Comments


Post Mon May 28, 2018 10:39 am  GM_ODA


THANKS TO THE CONTINUED SUPPORT OF OUR COMMUNITY, we are now on the eve of opening our NWN:EE version of the server. Please do standby as we are preparing the server today for general use 24x7. Once we open the server, we ask that any who have time to dedicate to the task start exploring and logging any bugs you find as you play (bug report tools in the DMFI Start room chest (central room).

We are funded through the end of the summer but as always, please donate if you can, every dollar counts.

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