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GM_ODA is a bit behind schedule -

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GM_ODA is a bit behind schedule - Empty GM_ODA is a bit behind schedule -

Post  GM_ODA Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:36 am

A brief note to all you nice people out there - I know I'm behind on responding to some messages. I will be 'catching up' on all that during the next week, so if you are one of the people I owe a response to in email or on PMs in this forum; my apologies.

Last month my back went out on me again - I lost five days (DR's orders, flat on my back and move around for only necessities). I had been on an anti-inflammatory drug and a mild pain reliever for some time but had not been making much progress. The visit to the ER (on a day I just could not stand the pain, nor the fact that it took me about 20 minutes of agony to drag myself off the bed) and the DR there netted a set of new prescriptions that, I think better address the issues (a new anti-inflammatory drug, and an anti-spasmodic, along with the same pain reliever as needed). After the five days bed rest, I started back at my newly ordered limits; lift no more than 15 lbs. Very Happy Yeah.

I've been increasing my activity level daily but the new drugs make me groggy at times and I cannot resist the nap sometimes. This all helped put me a little further behind on a few fronts. Alas, I'm adjusting to the new meds, and will endeavor to root through my inboxes in preparation to replying to all that slipped along the way.

If YOU have a pending matter with me and you do NOT hear back from me within five days of this post, PLEASE FOLLOW-UP WITH ME AND GIVE ME A MEMORY NUDGE. Very Happy

Be well. Game on.
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