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Were-Wolf Info

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Were-Wolf Info  Empty Were-Wolf Info

Post  DM Drachen Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:33 pm

First Off, On the Fifteenth Day Of Each Month (Full Moon) The PC Transforms into its werewolf form.

You wil get these following emotes while transformed.


*howls* : This is a special Emote; if shouted (/s *howls*) all
the wolves within range will run to you and help defeat enemies.

From the Rest Menu a option called "Animal Menu" Has
a Scent list option. This list is every scent within your nose range.Just
choose one to follow it. Clicking on tracks will give you the selection
of taking a Scent. Like choosing from the scent list this will let you to
track the scents. The only thing is this will let you follow their
trail if they leave the area.

Were-Wolfs Enemies
-Hunters, Usually use Silver weapons against were-wolfs. (Were-wolfs are weak to silver)

Rune Stone + Player Tools

Werewolves get Howl which can either frighten or stun your
enemies. The use-on-self power is Rage, This will cause the Werewolf to enter aanimal rage.
"Summon Help" will call various canines (Wolves, Dogs, Winter Wolves or Dire Wolves) To help you.
Be careful to only call around three.
You can project voices to them by using "/dm ]1[Hello]".This will make the first summon say "Hello" in
canine language.

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