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Traveling in Style

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Traveling in Style Empty Traveling in Style

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:43 am

Aside from walking (aka the Shoeleather Express), there are several methods used to travel about the lands of Al Dohral. Several of them are detailed below, but they are NOT the only way to travel (some secrets must remain, secret).

Voyanut is a retired wizard who possesses a magical wagon. It first requires certain magical elements to summon the oxenoid creatures which draw the wagon. Once summoned, the oxenoid creatures tirelessly draw the wagon along as commanded by the wagonmaster. The wagonmaster then pilots the craft along the intended route, at each stop, more of the magical elements are given to the oxenoids so that they shall ever after remember the location. It is said by some that the wagonmaster yet urges his oxenoids onward to still more destinations, some say the ticketmasters do not offer all destinations to all travellers.

For those local to the Dohral area, the ticketmasters will offer tickets to DOHRAL CITY, TIVOOK INN, HUMFOODALE, and the EASTERN CITADEL. An advantage of wagon travel is that the PC so travelling is safe from roadside hazzards being magically conveyed such that he exists only entering and debarking the wagon itself, between such moments the PC is in an otherworldly contrivance where he/she can rest and organize in safety and comfort.

Numerous ships offer transportation for one or more characters interested in same. Chartering the ship is something done by a single character and those who get aboard the ship promptly are taken along for the trip (this can include stow-aways). Once the journey is undertaking, travellers will find themselves aboard the same vessal at sea - where any number of things _could_ occur. Potential outcomes of sea voyages include encounters with pirates, shipboard mutany, safe passage to a chosen location or diversion to an alternate location, shipwreak and more.

Are offered as shrines devoted to the God of Travel. These are dust-motes, said to be the spot where the Gods' own foot touched the ground and where, ever after a bit of dust could be seen taking its leave by way of the wind; like the deity to travel aught knows where. The tradition further holds that those who dustbath in that dustmote are _certain_ to return to the spot.

These exist, but are mysterious an may require personal _exploration_ by the wielders of such _rare_ devices.

We have been busy fleshing out the shipwreak option for sea travel. Those stranded will need to find a way to survive and signal for help. Sometimes help comes at a price, sometimes not, sometimes sooner, sometimes not. Now, while I admit being dumped on an island and being left with little but survival to occupy one's time is somewhat dull, maybe even anti-climatic, but NOT ALL ONE'S TIME IS SPENT IN CLIMAX after all, plot wise, one needs slow moments and exciting fast moments. Sometimes a DM needs to justify why the bad guy got there ahead of you - enter the shipwreak. This is PLOT DEVICE so remember, it is not _you_, it is dull for a reason.

One thing you may notice is that the ships on that dock feature sailors, captains and placards (not all have each). The placard is a method of advertising for the ship, it denotes a ship which is available or leaving port soon. As your PC spends time in nautical oriented areas he/she will be routinely exposed to the terminology and paraphenalia of the lifestyle of such folk. Over time, your PC gains a value called 'Salt', and accumulating more of it means your PC will 'understand' more of the objects and happenings around him/her while in such settings. In fact, as you gain more Salt, you will become able to READ the placard (which at first only gives really mundane info to the player).
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