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Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster

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Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster  Empty Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster

Post  DragoneyeIIVX Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:36 am

Disclaimer: Hey folks, I'm going to stir the pot a bit. I have a wealth of ideas, but they have mostly been developed around a different kind of server. Namely, one that has a level 30 cap, exists within a different setting (FR), and has a bit of server history. I'll need you all to take the general and vague idea and make it ArgentumRegio-specific, since you know the in's and out's far better than I do. Also, I'm not sure what the coding of this server is completely capable of. But! Without further adieu...

The Beastmaster
Lose: Favored Enemy, Dual Wield, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Gain: Unique Summoned Bestial Allies

RP: Your desire for vengeance against other creatures makes you strong, but you realize your own strength will not always be enough. Cultivate companionship with the beasts of the wild, and never be alone.

Level 1 - Extra Animal Companion
Level 1 - Closer than Kin
Level 5 - Extra Animal Companion (Ranger Level -3 for effective level)
Level 9 - Unbreakable Loyalty
Level 10 - Swarm Fighting
Level 15 - Extra Animal Companion (Beastmaster Level -6 for effective level)
Level 20 - Wilding
Level 25 - Extra Animal Companion (Beastmaster Level - 9 for effective level)
Level 30 - Beastmaster Fury

Feature: You can take "Bane of Enemies" - this is replaced with Epic Spell: Dragon Knight

Extra Animal Companion:
You are able to summon an extra henchman at a lower level than your primary Animal Companion.

Band of Brothers/Closer than Kin
Any spell cast by the ranger on his Animal Companion effects all of the ones currently summoned.
More specifically, things like Greater Magic Fang should have a way to effect the extra summons, as they aren't target-able

Unbreakable Loyalty:
Summons are immune to banishment and mind effecting spells.

Swarm Fighting:
Animal Companion's gain 1d6 sneak attack per 10 Beastmaster Levels.

Animal Companion's gain Improved Critical for their respective weapons. If they already have Improved Critical, Epic Weapon Specalization

Beastmaster Fury:
Your Primary Animal companion gains a fear aura.

Alternate Abilities/Features to be considered:
Call of the Wild:
Once per 3 levels, starting at level 17 (so three times at level 23) the Beastmaster can perform a Call of the Wild. This ability functions as one or more of the following spells: Prayer, Bless, Mass Haste, Nature's Balance, Aura of Vitality

My thought with the animal companions is pretty broad, and I hope more come up. I'm naming them for ease of convention, but the server would only function off of one of the below:

- Species Mastery -
All of your summons are the same creature type.

- Beast Mastery -
Each time you get a new summon, you must select a different type (through some sort of dialogue on levelup).

- Call of the Wild -
Open up separate monster types, like Yeti's, Dragons, Bulettes, etc, after a certain level requirement has been reached.

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Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster  Empty Re: Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster

Post  GM_ODA Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:35 am

Just a note to let you know I copy/pasted all your messages into a text file so I can read/review them offline and I will get back to you on this - tho it may be a day or two as it has been a very chaotic weekend here and I'm playing RL 'catch-up' on various tasks that will not be delayed.

I'll get back to you asap.

PLEASE do continue to share, post and inquire about anything you have questions on - we greatly appreciate your sharing ideas.

Very Happy

Be well. Game on!
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Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster  Empty OMG - this class

Post  Hacatsu Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:28 am

I'm drooling over this class, yes please?
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Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster  Empty Re: Class Variant: Ranger - Beastmaster

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