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Ulrek's Arms Shop

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Ulrek's Arms Shop Empty Ulrek's Arms Shop

Post  Ulrek Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:16 pm

this is a rough list of costs and facts about my OOC trading in weapons and my business with it...

:item cost:

there are 3 levels to my trading with diamonds for + boosts to weapons...

1 friendly:you are either a friend of or are on the same side roughly as my crafter and main PC [cost per + added to weapon is 1]
2 open market:you are neither friend nor foe to my main ICly and will be charged a fair price [cost per + added to weapon is 2]
3 unfriendly:you are either a foe or are likely to be one at some point of my main and will be charged extra due to the risks of arming a IC foe of my main [cost per + added to weapon is 3]

:note: i only boost weapons to +3 for just diamonds... for +4 and over you'll need to trade something better that i lack at that time...
and the price will be taiked over in game and thus i cannot list what it maybe here as i do not know what would be worth trading for...

..and as for other item powers these will also be taiked over in game for the most part... this is only a listing of standard prices for diamond costs to weapons + boosts...

yours truely.. Ulrek...
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Ulrek's Arms Shop Empty Re: Ulrek's Arms Shop

Post  joezoe Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:17 pm

URLS DELETED - no offense, but this is for IN GAME stuff, not for sale of any RL items nor for sale of wow gold (which is not NWN).

I've decided to complety remove the message, this is a forum for NWN and not for illegal wow gold transfers.

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