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a deal in the shadows

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a deal in the shadows Empty a deal in the shadows

Post  sploenk Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:38 am

Salino holds out the amulet in front of Saber..."It's yours if you agree to sign this binding contract, it allows me to call upon you whenever needed and for whatever reason and you will be obligated to do so...*a smile grows wider* but you are able to refuse this if the request will bring harm to your person". Saber is all but water mouthing when the amulet is put into sabers face for inspection. "I agree" *saber signs the contract and salino drops the amulet in his hands*...

..."I won't do anything that involves silver though" Saber remark..."Of course not, handling silver would be harmful to your person" Salino answers with a widening smile. "But it may harm others you know and for a indefinite time, since the duration of the favor was not bargained for. *salino's eyes narrow and the white teeth of his grin are the last thing that fade back into the shadows*

"Mages are superior to other mortals for they alone have felt, raw and unfettered by the guiding hands of deities, the power that moves and gives life to all things.  It is right that wizards rule."
- from the Tome of the Dragon, the book of lore and doctrine of the Cult of the Dragon,
- written by Sammaster the Mad, founder of the Cult of the Dragon
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