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Jax and the Werewolf

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Jax and the Werewolf Empty Jax and the Werewolf

Post  Aurora Silverwolf Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:42 pm

*chuckles* Ran a mini-event today culminating in Jax becoming a werewolf.

Event started in the college with a werewolf appearing, only to run out of the building , chased by jax.
In the ensuing battle he was bitten by the werewolf.

Upon reentering the college after the werewolf mysteriously vanished .. he was surrounded by his colleagues. They questioned him and then attempted to remove any curses and force him to both eat belladona and handle silver. When he refused saying he was not bitten .. they tried to force him to do so.

As he argued with them he was suddenly surrounded with arcane energies and vanished .. only to reappear somewhere else in the city. Puzzled and confused by he sudden appearance in the Cutlery shoppe .. Jax found himself changing .. the bite having infected him .. and his blood on fire with the power of the bite. He changed .. then managed to escape the building and wander the city .. before ending up in the Tivook area ..

Found there by Jonan the leader of the werewolf pack in the Tivook Wilds .. he was taken under Jonan's protection and with the help of Aria brought to the safety of the wolves den, Jonans home. There to be trained and conditioned to better control his anger and emotions as well as his new nature.

**To all that participated:


I thank you for the participation and hope you all had as much fun with my impromtu event as I did in doing it for you the p layers Smile

~ Aurora Silverwolf ~ Wink
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Jax and the Werewolf Empty Re: Jax and the Werewolf

Post  Animayhem Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:57 am

Was quite the twist from vamps jumping jax to a wolf. He was I think expecting Sarafina to put the bite on him not a were. Laughing
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