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Halfling Races

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Halfling Races Empty Halfling Races

Post  Elgate Fri Feb 14, 2014 4:57 pm

If you want to play a 'native' halfling from either the eastern plains or the eastern isles, you should think 'hobbit'. The local halflings are closer to the 2e edition of halflings, and are far softer than their nomadic 'hin' cousins from 3.5e. These hobbit-halflings are unlikely to venture from their homes, as they simply don't have the wander lust of their hin cousins.

That's not to say that lightfoots or stronghearts can't be found as well. However, it's unsure how 'native' these subraces are to this plane, as they seem so different to those peaceful comfort loving folk who prefer to stay in their burrows and tend their gardens. These 'Hin' seem harder and more adventurous, and often take the locals off guard with their mischievious, and sometimes rather edgy, behaviour.

Lightfoot hin are travellers. They like to explore, and venture. This makes it hard to place a lightfoot settlement, as they don't really settle. So it's hard to judge how many of these lightfoot hin are in this plane, and even though they may not be as numerous as the 'true' (in the local's eyes) halfling, they're still more likely to be seen than them.

Stronghearts travel in groups, moving their settlements from area to area. This means that any stronghearts seen in Argentum are either from another plane, or have travelled west from the eastern plains (As they dislike leaving their troupe and it's hard to carry your homes across the sea after all).

Ghostwise halflings are not native, and are currently not an available subrace (although you could ask). Any ghostwise halfling seen will have to have fallen through from another plane.

For more info:

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Halfling Races Empty Re: Halfling Races

Post  GM_ODA Thu May 12, 2016 6:50 am

Of particular note for those who choose to play halflings - you will find such features as 'hide in object' and 'squeeze-through' to be very beneficial to your PC at times. Use size to your advantage! Very Happy

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