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DM_Salem Introduction

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DM_Salem Introduction Empty DM_Salem Introduction

Post  sploenk Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:29 am

Hi all,

I think a short introduction of myself and what you guys can expect of me as a DM is required.

I am DM_Salem, I live in the Netherlands and i am 35 years young. I have been playing NWN for over 8 years now, and NWN is all the experience i have with D&D games.

I was introduced to RP on the server Kingdom of Paramon, owned and created by Vuldrick Garrisson, a hardcore D&D veteran, and it changed my life completly. Since then i read books for fun (fantasy books) and i also read history books for inspiration. KoP was a hardcore RP server, and so i was trained to use my wits and dicebag to advance in levels and gear...and i still use those lessons today, because RP is the best if you respect your character and are proud of it...let's sey an emotional attachment to a pc is the base for great RP.

So about my dm events...I'm not one for running Epic World Changing events, this pw Argentum is under construction for 17 years now (applause for GM_ODA and Eriniel) and it has too much lore, secrets, areas, etc too keep track off, but i know enough of the Lore to use it in my events. (otherwise i wouldn't be a DM Wink)
My events are mostly small events where i will test the players that are involved their wits, intelligence to get information from me as DM using the dicebag (PLAY YOUR SKILLS) to advance in the event. I concider such use of the dicebag good RP and i will reward it as such during the game and not at the end (roleplay xp awards during an event motivates the RP)

Also if you want to make a carreer for your pc or want to do something special to get an NPC class or whatever, you can Always post a request in this forum and i WILL help in any way i can.


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