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The vampire mistress, and the stolen amulet.

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The vampire mistress, and the stolen amulet. Empty The vampire mistress, and the stolen amulet.

Post  Hacatsu Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:55 pm

It was a common evening for most people in the Tivook Inn, unusually common (we all know that place), when a flash of light brought forth an powerfull vampire that quickly turned the atmosphere of the Inn into something more gloomy, with a fast and deadly attack, she cutted Serennie's throat, and vanished again, leaving everyone in the Inn scared and in guard. Luckly enough, some adventurers were quick enough to raise the old woman back to life.

When discussing the weird happening of a few minutes ago, a man comes from the shadows, and gives them a message, they should "give back what has been stolen" to his 'mistress', otherwise she would keep returning to the Inn every night, and slaying one patron.

After a whole night of talking, they discover that the same vampire has already been attacking the Inn three nights, and taking one victim every time, the cause of it unknown for certain, in exception of Nannita, a woman who were very suspicious of Etrianna, but her way of acting was too agressivel. Valerion Turingskar gave Etrianna a staff, which holding it, would ward off any mind-affecting spells, this clever move made the elven woman snap out of an enchantment, and she threw away an amulet, which emanated negative energy, proving Nannita's suspicousness right.

The necklace not only were a very powerfull evil artifact, but had a certain enchantment who would make whoever look at it, in a certain way, fall in love with the object, obsessing that it needs to become one's possession. Those weak of mind suffered a more powerfull influence, like the warrior who just had a glimpse on the object, and immediatly jumped to grab it, and ran away, seeing that everyone else were ready to "steal" it from him, again, Valerion captured the man with a magical chain, and Salino acted quickly to take away the amulet from his possession, but soon enough, two of that man's companion appeared, both with a certain insanity for the amulet, tried killing the adventurers... When they were quickly taken care of, the amulet, now in possession of Salino Muddenya's, is safe, however, its owner will likely come back, and slay one patron, until the amulet has been given back.

In other words, probaly the fate of the Tivook Inn lays on the hands of Aldohral's most mischevous rogue.
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