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Faith Based Classes & Features for the Faithful

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Faith Based Classes & Features for the Faithful Empty Faith Based Classes & Features for the Faithful

Post  GM_ODA Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:22 pm

NWN features several CLASSes we'll refer to here collectively as 'Faith Based Classes'. These include CLERIC, DRUID, PALADIN, and BLACKGUARD. These CLASSes have special features here in Dohral intended to make their RP more enjoyable and even specialize it by Deity of the faithful.

This thread is a collection of those features available to the Faith Based CLASSes.

All the Faith Based CLASSes can pray if they have access to a devotional item, typically a "statue of deity". Use of such objects expresses the characters devotion to the deity and benefits the PC by increasing the characters DIVINE FAVOR RATING. Faith Based CLASSes will find they are unable to use many of their CLASS based powers including spell casting if their DIVINE FAVOR RATING ever reaches zero.

There are devotional acts that ANY PC can perform at an altar to improve their own DIVINE FAVOR RATING. This measure of a gods pleasure or displeasure with a PC can impact their daily lives; at times of stress (such as at the onset of combat) many deities have a habit of expressing their feelings for a PC which can manifest as any number of beneficial or detrimental effects.

CLERICS & PALADINS turning of undead can only be accomplished with a positive DIVINE FAVOR RATING and an equipped holy symbol.

Bless spell can be cast on Water Canteen to make Holy Water (the deity of the maker is stored on the item too)!

Prayer Scrolls - Spell book for Clerics (same item different appearance)

Paladin Detect Evil works as DnD NOT as GetAlignment() e.g. it tells you if evil is in range and what direction.

Holy Symbol Spells (Spoken while holding HS) - CLERICS holding the Holy Symbol of their deity can evoke additional special effects (varies by deity). EXAMPLE: Clerics of Goodaloop (god of the sea) can achieve the effect MASS WATERBREATHING.

Raising Dead Commoner improves your reputation with Commoner faction.

Domain and Alignment Repair for Cleric PCs - upon creating a CLERIC the PLAYER is required to use the ALTAR in the start area to select your deity - subsequent to that, conversation with Haggis may teleport your PC back to that altar (don't worry, it's just how Haggis works to fix certain settings on your PC including DOMAIN).

A PALADIN'S WARHORSE - with the aid of a DM, a PALADIN of 5th level or greater can seek a special Warhorse per standard D&D lore. This warhorse is generally revealed to the PALADIN in a vision or dream, and the PALADIN must win the Warhorse by some means (varies). Such a steed, once won by a PALADIN becomes a loyal and intelligent ally for life, one that will sacrifice its own life for the PALADIN if such is the need.

Domain Anti-Cheat

NPC Old Druid Mentor

Druid Armor rule - Can't wear non-natural materials
Herby AI (Runs from Non Druid/Ranger, Panics and flees from Carn Animal)
Druid/Shifter Animal speeds, whiskers (if they have them), scent detection

[more details to be added soon]

Be well. Game on.
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