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Druids and Undead

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Druids and Undead Empty Druids and Undead

Post  Elgate Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:42 pm

Small disclaimer, to avoid misunderstandings: This is not a challenge issued to any player, nor is it intended to incite arguments. This is intended to discuss what the relationship between druids and undead are on this server.

For most, the classic druid approach is abhor all undead. Death is a natural part of the cycle, but undeath breaks this- acting as blockage in the stream of life, damming and polluting it.

But what about:

1) 'Natural' Undeath?
I'm not really sure of any examples of this, but imagine you had a parasite/disease that killed it's host and took over it's body. Are these undead, or the living 'wearing' the dead? They're still technically part of nature, even if they're creepy and gross.

2) Spirits, ghosts, and other possible 'undead' that occur without an agent.
For example: The undead dwarven barrowmaster's appear to 'return' in a need to protect their crypts. Do they do this by their own will? Most undead seem to work like this however, with allips and other ghosts either refusing to move on, or returning through negative emotions and strong will.

But what about spirit wolves? What is the difference between spirits and ghosts?

3) A druid who becomes undead.
If they still revere nature, and follow the code, do they loose their powers and title as a druid? (Even if they themselves still think of themself as a druid?) Is this similar to a druid wearing metal armour, which interfers with her connection to nature- even though the undead druid -might- have retained her druidic beliefs, her undead nature muddys her connection to nature and the balance.

I can't remember how it works with ex-druids. I know they cannot keep gaining levels as a druid, until they correct what ever disconnected them from nature/the balance, but they may still retain all their spells and training?

4) A shapeshifting druid who takes on undead form temporarily
Would, for the time they are shapeshifted, they be disconnected from nature, but as soon as they turn back they become reconnected? I imagine most 'classic' druids won't ever shapeshift into undead, but could it be rped that some unorthodox druids might use it temporarily as a tool, to benefit nature? (As technically, they are not permanently being undead, and thus having an effect on the balance).

5) A druid that uses undead/summons undead.
Would it be similar to the above? they temporarily upset nature, to benefit it in the long run, or would such actions make nature reject them, and revoke their powers/title?

Personally, for me, druid's and undead don't mix well. It's like paladins and evil, or clerics going against the will of their God.
A paladin might do evil things- but it would be unpaladin like, and might eventually turn them away from being a paladin all together. You don't get evil paladins, in the same way you don't get married bachelors. Being good is an intrinsic part of being a paladin.
A cleric might risk offending their god- perhaps because they have to, or it's for the greater good. But eventually, that god would revoke their favour, and the 'cleric' could no longer be considered a 'cleric of x'.
A druid might dapple with undead, as un-druidic as that would be, but eventually these actions would disconnect them from nature and the balance, thus they could no longer be considered a druid, even if they still had druidic skills.
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Druids and Undead Empty Re: Druids and Undead

Post  Hacatsu Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:54 pm

Hm... That's a tough subject, although we're focusing too much on the "living" side of the thing.

Is it wrong then when druids communicate with the ghosts of ancestors then? We are part of a cycle, so are the dead, perhaps the wolf spirit, along with other ethereal creatures, are good-willing being a that chose to help nature even after death, that's possible isn't?

Perhaps druids could choose to become nature spirits to keep doing their duty from the other side...

Just my theory though, I like this subject.
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