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The Blackmail Bandits (Open to all)

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The Blackmail Bandits (Open to all) Empty The Blackmail Bandits (Open to all)

Post  KangTheMad Wed May 05, 2010 9:46 am

The patrons of the Tivook Inn often had much to talk about. They all remembered the hooded figure who had openly recruited and talked of overthrowing Dohral. He had vanished without a trace. And good riddance too, the simple farmers had little patience for region wide conflict, and they were happy that the man had gone missing. It was generally agreed that Vaxel had been executed by Dohral.

Then there had been the new bandit clan, and their temporary holding of the Tivook West Road until a group of adventurers drove them back. Their activities continued, holding up travelers and adventurers. More than one person ended up dead. Patrons eventually stopped coming to the Inn, it was too dangerous. Then, the attacks stopped. People waited for a week, cautious to venture out. Eventually, the Tivook Inn was back to full swing, and many people wondered of the disappearance.

A grizzled old man, late in his years, though of remarkable build leaned forward, scratching at the gray stubble on his face as he spoke to his companions. Word has it that those Blackmail bandits have been causing trouble in Humfoo, trying to take it over through chaos.

A younger man, clearly a stranger to the Inn, lean and lithe as a cat thought silently for a moment. And do you believe that?

The older one snorted, No, for the attacks are too few, and thats all they cause, Chaos, nothing is being gained. I'll bet my sword that the trouble in Humfoo is just a distraction. They're plotting or searching for something. Mark my words.

Bah! Our axes and 'ammers will be awaitin dem, dey will, you know that, Brandt. Boi the King, 'dose bandits won' take Tivook, no matter 'ow many men dey send here. The stocky dwarf chuckled and downed his ninth ale and hiccuped. More ale! And Oi 'ope its sum stronger stuff dis time!

Brandt nodded slowly. Aye, that may be, but I'm mighty curious as to what they are searching for. I'd go look, but my days of adventuring are past. I'm an old man now, with grandkids to look after.

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