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On the fly event

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On the fly event Empty On the fly event

Post  sploenk Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:39 am

Last weekend a small event i hosted a small event on the Isle of Vestalla, Mialee, Reddomir and Kurnoc were looking for treasure, but they found themselves in a tight spot in stead. Especially the elf Reddomir was been killed at some point. But there is no afterlife on Vestalla, some darker, viler holds a tight grip on this cursed Isle. Reddomir felt the claws of boney ice cold fingers clawing at his soul when he lay there bleeding out his life blood on the green meadows of Vestalla. When he was called back to the living by Kurnoc, he did not come back alone. In his reveree he was visited again by the memories of his death experience, very odd since elves don't dream. He is not alone....!

This will continue very soon as I need some time to go over the BIO's of the players involved, let's make this an event for the whole family Twisted Evil


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On the fly event Empty Re: On the fly event

Post  Elgate Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:35 am

Should have checked a while back, and it seems I keep missing you IG- Did you get my email of Radomir's bio?
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