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DM_Dragon, Harper Event Summary + Info on upcoming event

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DM_Dragon, Harper Event Summary + Info on upcoming event Empty DM_Dragon, Harper Event Summary + Info on upcoming event

Post  DM Drachen Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:00 am

Alright, so last night with Nightshade's PC (Sara Willow) I ran a little event in the Tivook Tree Tops. As you can see from the title of this topic, it involved Harper agent NPC's. first, one elf came in with a kitten to converse with sara, my events are never complete without that touch of randomness right? So they chatted a bit, maybe a few wrods. Then one Harper agent came in from a hallway with a summon dire badger.

She just stood, and watched. Then another strode in andddiately asked 'have you seen a man with a box? Maybe a mage?''Sara, replied no, as did the elf. Then, the Harper leader (for that squad of harpers) strode in with buffs and VFX's. with her big staff and shield and magical leather armro looking all epic. She then started to talk, but then a summon gate spell VFX rose infront of the portal in there, and the mage came out along with two other humans, on emale and female.

"What is in the box?" Sara asked quickly, "A gem! A gem that has the power to dominate people!" the leader replied quickly aswell holding up her staff and pointing it at the mage. The mage chuckles and has the man to his left (dominated) attack one recruit, but sadly he fails. So the mage casts implosion on the other and kills her and her dire badger. They end up having a big battle ending with Just Sara and the leader left. He then, escapes through the portal.

The leader ressurects the two recruits, woman, but cannot the man. She has the recruits build wooden barricades near the portal. The recruits ward up, one with stone skin and the other with a summon greater elemental spell. The leader casts elemental swarm, and then again the mage comes out the portal. He looks at the barricades, chuckles, and fireballs it easily. Then with no words he asummons two balors to fight them. Sara and the Leadrer and up slaying them, with the two recruits and the woman dead she had no ressurection spells left and she could not raise them.

She then took the gem of domination, and destroyed it.

I will be NOT continueing this event tonight. I am not feeling up to it, i will most likely do nsomthing else onthe server, still get on though!
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