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The Plan For The Future Of This Server

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The Plan For The Future Of This Server Empty The Plan For The Future Of This Server


As some of you are aware, we are having a fund drive for the server. This server is totally user supported - all donations large and small are deeply appreciated.

Our server is funded through mid April, if it is still running after that is up to YOU. Click the DONATE button on this page to show your appreciation for our server and help fund it into the future.

As we move forward, we are pressing to end the beta test. I was, in the past, insisting that the 'beta' tag be applied here until the server was loaded with a vast array of cool features and operating in a stable manner. We have achieved at least that milestone, the feature list is HUGE, the stability unmatched anywhere. The server operates well without DMs but really shines with the inclusion of a DM's touch. Yes, there is much more to do, much more to build, much more to roll-out into all  the corners of the module as it stands now, and we are moving in that direction - always adding more features to each area as we review them, inching ever closer to the final goal of a complex and immersive game world.

Several systems are being presently 'rolled out' into the module's farthest reaches, these include the 'usable windows', 'burglary friendly objects', 'advanced merchant system' and the 'fissures transitions'. Many areas already include these excellent features but we are working to ensure that they get propagated into all areas as appropriate. A review of all 1337+ areas is underway. Please bear with us as we work through the process and issue a series of module updates in the coming months that will gradually 'peel back the beta tags' and reveal a fully functioning module.

BEWARE it is going to get more brutal around here.

DEATH is going to get serious - your PC will have only a few SOULRUNES at creation, and opportunities for earning additional ones will be rare. DEATH will, at minimum have your PC LOOSE ONE SOULRUNE, even if raised by a party mate, this is the cost, and when your PC is out of SOULRUNES the PC is perma dead. Worse, if your PC is left to the fugue plane to interact with the emissaries of the gods, it may cost you more SOULRUNES to return to the mortal realms (depending on how your PC has curried the favor of their god). Since most PCs will only have a half-dozen or less SOULRUNES this means that without the aid of party mates to rescue your PC,  your PC will likely only have about three to six incarnations before perma death results.

Now, WHY does your PC get any extra incarnations? Why does your PC see more than one life at all? The RUNESTONE is the answer.

The RUNESTONE is an object of legend, of the creation myth type. It was carved by the sea and cast by the earth and lofted by the winds and hardened by the fires and thus it was that the shards of the RUNESTONE thundered down upon the arrogant and squabbling Four Drakes of the Primordial Fen, killing them all, ending the Age of the Primordial Fen.

Throughout history, rare individuals have been known to possess a fragment of the RUNESTONE, they are destined to great deeds and often meet a violent end. Many are ostracized among their own once the knowledge of their possessing a fragment of the RUNESTONE become known.

YOUR PC has had a dream - in that dream acquired and upon waking found himself in possession of what the PC believes is a fragment of the RUNESTONE. Could it be the gods have chosen YOU?
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The Plan For The Future Of This Server :: Comments


Post Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:33 am  GM_ODA


On March 19th 2017 I made the LAST payment for hosting to our Neverwinter Nights server hosting providers. I will not contribute so much as a single penny more. I am penurious, disabled and too old for this to go on.


My next mention of this 'problem' will be to announce our closure. This is no joke. Donate now or the server goes away, period.

I've had some fun here, especially building it, I think Eriniel would endorse that sentiment too. Still, the truth of it is, everything takes money and i have none. At this juncture your choices are simple : help or just wave goodbye.

Be well. Game ON!


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Post Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:05 am  GM_ODA


We are NOT safe from closing yet, but I wanted to share something positive with you all. In the last week or so, we have had visits from MANY players we have not seen in quite some time. Good players who make kind statements like these:

[Thu Mar 23 19:11:36] GM ODA: some players have expressed a desire to fund it though, I'm just waiting to see how that plays out
[Thu Mar 23 19:12:07] GM ODA: but in the event it does not turn into funding - we'll be running games for at least three days solid ... the last three days
[Thu Mar 23 19:12:18] GM ODA: if you are able, please do join us?
[Thu Mar 23 19:12:27] GM ODA: Iit would be really splendid to have you here.
[Thu Mar 23 19:12:30] GM ODA: *bows*
[Thu Mar 23 19:13:00] Felaelv Oahhala: I hope so, any events planned?
[Thu Mar 23 19:13:16] GM ODA: I'll be running events myself for anyone who shows up those last days
[Thu Mar 23 19:13:25] GM ODA: all improv based on attending PCs
[Thu Mar 23 19:13:37] Felaelv Oahhala: You'd still run if you got funds, right?
[Thu Mar 23 19:13:46] GM ODA: certainly yes
[Thu Mar 23 19:14:03] Felaelv Oahhala: How much do we need to raise?
[Thu Mar 23 19:14:14] GM ODA: The server costs $58 a month to run
[Thu Mar 23 19:15:42] Felaelv Oahhala: I can certainly contribute
[Thu Mar 23 19:16:02] GM ODA: any donation is most welcome, you have my thanks
[Thu Mar 23 19:16:13] Felaelv Oahhala: How many others have expressed interest?
[Thu Mar 23 19:16:14] GM ODA: *bows*
[Thu Mar 23 19:16:39] GM ODA: so far two have made some expression of willingness to fund in some degree, I'm waiting to see if more step up
[Thu Mar 23 19:16:50] GM ODA: we have a couple 'big donors' but they've not been around in a while
[Thu Mar 23 19:17:03] Felaelv Oahhala: Well, tell them if they pay half a month, I'll pay half a month

And with that our friend CyberPeri switched to a browser window and clicked the donate button.


ANONYMOUS PLAYER wrote:I've been gone for almost a year, but my attendance has never been my strongest attribute. I wish deeply I could dedicate more time to this server. Alas, real life is the bane of all of Neverwinters players and I am not above that in the slightest.

I saw the email about the server shutting down and I can't in good consciousness let that happen to my favorite server, ESPECIALLY so close to leaving the beta. I'll be in a position to donate starting next week.

All I ask dear friend, is XXXXXXXXXX survives the launch. There was talk of it around the conception of moving the server forward. High level characters sticking through, even at a cost. I hope this little thing called Dohral that keeps popping up in the back of my head can continue to move forward, and that I can keep a slice of it with me.

THIS is truly heartwarming! THANK YOU. I know some of you really love this server, even if RL keeps you from visiting as often as you might like. I am grateful to konw you all, and much pleased to bring you this fine module. I most enjoy working on building and coding the server, and DMing for you all, and will continue to do these things as long as there is a Dohral to login to - THAT is totally up to YOU.

As can be seen from the response so far, we are making progress toward funding the server, MANY THANKS to all who have donated!!!

CyberPeri has issued the challenge and put her money down! In that ONE ACT OF KINDNESS we are HALF WAY TO OUR MONTHLY FUNDING GOAL! So, as I have so often said as DM :

It is your turn. What will you do?

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Post Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:00 pm  GM_ODA


We are right down to the last minute, well, the last days here. The pressure was on, and the server looked, well, doomed.

Eriniel and I love this server, the people, the code, the events, the whole of it. The playerbase loves the server too.

We have, as of this writing, received sufficient funds to cover the server hosting for another month!

SPECIAL THANKS to CyberPeri and joo3!

I cannot say enough how important YOU THE PLAYERS ARE here. Eriniel and I hope to provide a server full of fun for YOU, but, it is YOU who have the fate of our server in your hands. We, that being myself, Eriniel and the whole player base THANK YOU DONORS FOR YOUR KINDNESS.

As always, I encourage all who enjoy the server to donate a few dollars and help keep the fantasy alive!

KUDOS all donors!

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Post Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:00 am  GM_ODA


I come to you today fresh from the Department of Good News. I opened my email this morning and discovered there a reminder that


In my inbox was a notice of a substantial donation, the sort of donation that carries the server a few months. I would like to take a moment to THANK YOU KIND DONORS on behalf of myself, Eriniel and the whole playerbase.

I am always totally gob-smacked to see large donations, and not everyone can manage such generous acts; I had earnestly envisioned this server surviving on greater numbers of small donations. I have long maintained that if we had ten donors each month kicking in the "cost of a happy meal" the server would be paid for - BUT, this is not me complaining here. This is me saying THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND DONATIONS, GREAT AND SMALL.

When the coffers from which the server fees are paid is low, I worry. When I worry, I'm much less effective at the tasks I do; it slows my scripting progress, it saps my will to build. I would MUCH RATHER BE BUILDING AND SCRIPTING as a rule, and now, for the next few months at least, I can focus on what it is I like to do BUILDING DOHRAL, improving upon what we have and helping the players find some fun.

Today I will be ameliorating the language used in the banner regarding the emergency nature of our funding levels; we have seen significant response from our playerbase and the sense of urgency is off for the time being. We have received a substantial donation that will carry us for a while; but do not mistake this message - we still need donations, it is just that we are funded now out to a period of greater than 30 days.


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Post Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:50 am  GM_ODA

A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO OUR LOYAL FANS without whom our server would have closed last weekend.

As many of you have guessed, donations came through 'just in time' and the server was renewed for one month.

On behalf of Eriniel, myself and the playerbase a BIG THANK GOES OUT TO OUR KIND DONORS.

It stands that we will need to secure donations before the month is expired else we face the same fate. If any of you nice people want to donate, please do as always ALL DONATIONS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED AND 100% OF RECEIVED FUNDS GOES TO PAYING SERVER FEES.

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Post Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:24 pm  GM_ODA


Server funding is low (below one dollar) - I've paid over our last month's hosting from those donations (covering us through August 18th), the remaining (change) I'll match up with whatever the difference is between that and $58 (our monthly goal) to cover the final month in a way that ensures every penny donated goes to hosting (and I make up the difference). The long and the short of it is this, unless we receive more donations before the 18th of September, this server will close on that date.

If you like what we are doing here, please, tickle that donate button.

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Post Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:33 am  GM_ODA


Last month one of our regular players donated another month's server fees. MANY THANKS TO YOU FRIEND!

We have a one month extension on our server - I am hopeful that donations in the coming weeks will continue to fund the server but be aware - having just paid the monthly fee, the paypal account is now at $0.97. Server fees amount to $58 per month, and provide a robust machine, fat bandwidth and low latency (speed speed and more speed).If no further donations arrive, the closing date will be October 18th 2018. If you love the server and want to see it continue to be developed, please, click that donate button.

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Post Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:43 am  GM_ODA


We had some donations this month, which brought the coffers up to $24.57. I used that and augmented it with some of my own money to cover this month's server fees of $58 so the server will remain open until October 18th 2018.

I will leave the donate button up for now - if we generate through donations the FULL amount of server fees in the next 30 days then I will leave the donate button out there for all to use, but if we see another month of less than $58 in donations I will remove the donate button, make up the lacking funds from my own pocket and declare the final month of operation.

PLEASE donate - all donations go to keep the server operating - I cannot do this without you.

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