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Something in the blood ... a new life

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:12 pm

* Bavmorda sits staring into a crackling fire, a certain red headed elf sitting across the way, both enjoying some nicely cooked venison, her thoughts turn inwards, as she gazes on the shimmering coals.*

I never ... expected this.
What a drastic difference ... everything is happening so fast! I feel ... less burdened, more care free at heart. The skull mark has faded from my inner thigh, what does this mean?
Did I get rejected , due to this ... situation?
My sister is going to be furious. Certainly unhappy, I no longer feel the pull of the grave, what seemed inviting, now seems ... disgusting to me.
My head is swimming, all these new ... sights, sounds, and smells ... Oh that gorgeous creature across from me, she smells ... smells like ... mmmmmm , I don't know what the fragrance is, but it is ... irresistible!
Bad Bavmorda! ... focus, focus now.

What is this new strange sensation? Am I actually ... Happy?

* this thought made her pause, and seek more scrumptious meat off the spit*

I've never known true happiness before, so how can I judge it so?
Mmmm, this meat is delightful! Who would have guessed, animal flesh to be so ... I was practically a vegan , salads, fruits ... watching my figure ...
How, strange ... is it because? ... Or was i just missing out before?

What is ... He going to think? I certainly hope it bears no ill will toward his beloved. That bond, I think is strong enough , it shouldn't be an issue ...
but, I am now a burden as well.
I know nothing. I never liked the outdoors before ... I preferred pampering, pillows , servants addressing your luggage and doing menial task.
OMG! I don't even know how to cook!
So much to learn ... so much.

* she looks up into the fire light dancing in green eyes*
I will try to be no trouble ... but I do feel as if , I ma now somewhat a burden. They will think , I am a responsibility.
At first, I was just bewildered, and in awe ... these moments of brevity , cause my mind to think more, and everything is now strange to me ...

My sister ..., pardon SISTERS ... , though I doubt Asira even in her physical prowess, is sharp minded enough to care if I'm around or not, not until Sahria , demands such.
Perhaps, I am ... saved the fate of rot, perhaps ... Asira can be saved as well?
No ... not -this way-, such would be too much for the simple mind. I'm barely holding it together, and I'm not mentally challenged.
Maybe another way, if we can ... get her away from my undead obsessed nun of a sister!

Anyways, I ... don't care about that stupid tower now. Not exactly sure ... why I did in the first place. Strange, the ... desire is simply ... not in me anymore ...

All I want, is to nom up this yummy meat!

* Again she sees the twinkle of firelight, illuminate those alluring green eyes*
Well, ok, so yeah ... maybe I want more than just meat ... , companionship. Real companionship , not just a fling. Not a fake friend, or over bearing psycho zealot sister ... but , .. yes. I want ... THIS!

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:20 am

Bav decides to practice a bit, barely able to make even a fire ...

* Bavmorda sits at her own made fire, munching her own almost too crispy but, edible meat. She finally roasted something, without turning it to charcoal.*

Today was ... interesting. I was doing what the red headed angel told me I must do.

Nightfall, happened upon me, and soon before I knew it, I found myself surrounded by trogs.
Disgusting creatures, they smell like a combo of pig poop, and rotten eggs. A few I can handle, but there were many. I lobbed a fireball into them, but ... again, wild magic. I didn't sense it in time, and MANY fireballs erupted, scorched even myself.
If that wasn't bad enough, more trogs came charging through the trees, I tried to make a run for it but they cut me off.

Lucky for me ... He came along, and rescued me. The Hunter, the tracker ... that rugged looking ranger. I got lucky, it was he.
I knew him of course, having long conversation about him with the ultra gorgeous fire headed elf.
I had spotted both, conversing quietly in the inn, and ... well, I don't forget someone when they strike my fancy.

He , helped me in more ways than with the pesky trogs. I was, very grateful, I was in a panic, and well ... he showed me good paths, and what to do exactly.

I still can't hardly cook to save myself, but ... he was very kind and, surprisingly ... shy. Old fashioned. It just added to his charm.

I can tell, I make him insanely uncomfortable with my open and frivolous manners.
It's cute and amusing.

We got to speak a while, and while it wasn't how I wanted him to find out , I had to spill my side of the events that led up to him finding me almost a goner by the trogs.
Wasn't how I thought it should have went, but wasn't like I could hide it from him either. I took a more, honest is best stance, and let it out.
But, at the same time, it wasn't -my- place to do so. It should have been a conversation, he and his mate shared.
I did not intend to rob her of such intimacy. But, it wasn't like he couldn't ... detect it.

But, I feel I've made positive connection with both. This makes me ecstatic.
I don't think he, really knows how to take me ..., and she seems to know -exactly- what I want, and like to hear.
The differences in the two, make them both very ... intriguing, and complimentary.

Sadly, He had to return home, to rest. I must have tired him out, he showing me places, and watching over me... a few mugs of brew in the Crossroads Inn, poor fellow about passed out.
Then, I was left .. with just the regulars in the inn. I wandered out a while , trying to figure out how to do things on my own.

*sighs* the great outdoors ... I still have a lot to learn, and a looong ways to go.

At the end though, I finally made my on camp fire, talk about exhausting work! I managed to cook some food, without turnng black and chalky, probably a bit over-done , but ... It was alright.

I found myself, missing her , wondering if she was out in her places. I still can't navigate the patches of woods , my hips are too wide, and my skills are low low low when it comes to .. well, outside.

I'm sure she'll find me soon enough though.

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:47 am

Butterflies ... , thats an understatement!  
How about, absolute breathless moments, feeling your heart skipping beats?  Desire rising to the point of shivering under your skin?

I felt all these things , and ... I even felt rejection hit hard too.  

I'm hoping, he likes me ... and just isn't ... used to those like me.  Hoping so.  It will be ... difficult, if not in the long run.  
I can't help myself , and on top of that ... there's the new stuff.  I can smell ... it.
Near them, in the air ... it drives my own deep seeded lust, to the brink of almost no control!

I can't imagine , this feeling being any more intense and over-whelming! But , I was told in a few months, it will.  I both am curious and fear this at the same time.  I'm ... bad enough already.
I've always, indulged in pleasures, once I discovered it could be done ... , my nature is one, to just go with it, don't fight what happens naturally ... , my sister would berate me for it.
She's the prude type, and found my appetites absolutely disgusting. Maybe she was jealous a bit, I don't know.  I'm the pretty one, and she does look like you'd need the torches off, a darkness spell cast, and maybe even a bag over her then still to in order to stomach ... doing it with her ...

There was a guy she liked I think once, when we were younger.  A Mortician apprentice.  I rather overheard him say to her, he wouldn't touch her with a staff, if someone else was pushing him to ...  ever since then, she grew even more dark, and obsessed with her religion.  More spiteful towards me. I couldn't help it, I developed fast, and was naturally appealing ... it wasn't my fault, the object of her affection, desired me more ... I didn't even really notice him, nor did I do anything with the skinny boy ... , yet, I think .. that's where it started, my sister devoting to being a nun, and doing her best to try and keep me from indulging in pleasurable pursuits.  
That seems so long ago now, yet ... it really wasn't all that long ago.

I think now, that I'm looking back on things, examining it ... perhaps that's why she tried converting me, wishing for me to go the path of the Pale One. Not just dabble in magic spells, and making potions ...card readings ... but, so that eventually, my body would partially rot, and make me less attractive.

Back to this day though, enough of the past.  

An emotional up and down, high and low for me ...  
I had feared, I might have ... allowed my carefree nature, to push the pair I find irresistible away.  I looked in the ... secret places, best I could first. I couldn't find either, no trace old tracks, mostly mine ...
I was bored, sitting in the Inn, contemplating my profession ... idly snacking on the bison meats provided there.  Well, somewhere in there, I did manage to sneak in some study of the small list of spells I do know , but mostly I was bored , and half scared I'd never see the two , I needed to see ... for more ways than just one.

A sound, of grinding stone made me look up, and I see them both.  I almost cried in joy and relief, even more so, when she said " we need to talk, lets go outside".
I almost freaked out, i couldn't tell if i crossed lines, i was trying hard to remember if I had just flirted, or if I had done something less desired ... I wondered, for a few moments, If I was in trouble.  
But, it turned out , i wasn't in trouble.  Just, things were discussed , and I had been officially accepted as one of thier own.  
This gave me relief, even though I had to suffer the horrid pain of, showing them , and feeling eyes of wisdom, judge my ignorance and clumsiness with it.
 I told them both, I didn't wish to be burden to them, as they had mentioned I was a responsibility now.  
Though, my heart calls to me ... I'd do anything to protect them both as well, why shouldn't they feel the same, even more so? They have experience at this.  

Later, we traveled to elsewhere, to chat further.  

It had it's ups and downs.  
Even though I tried to play it off, it bothered me deeply he's , not quite into me.  
I told him, it wouldn't bother me, if he wasn't attracted to me ... I don't know why i said that, because the very thought of such, crushed me inside.  
especially, the vibes I get from her ... I think she was also slightly disappointed in his reaction too, though I think she already knew his mind.  
I pressed farther, and he assured me, he was attracted to me ... so, that helps.
But I had to walk away. For a few minutes , let them talk.  It would have, truly crushed me even more, to have done or said anything to strain that loving bond they share.  I can't have that, and I absolutely do not want that.
It's part of what ... draws me in to them.   That bond.  That devotion, that trust, knowing each other intimately ... , it's as equally attractive, as thier physical bodies are.

He eventually went and lay down out there, and was sound asleep quickly.  This gave me and his mate, time to talk and and well, get a bit closer too.

It's even difficult or me to pen this entry , my hands won't stop trembling, my body quivers in trembles still, hours later.  It was, ... the most amazing experience of my entire life, just a few moments, nothing sexual. Just ... being with.  I touched heaven with my lips, and it embraced me thoroughly, back.
At one point, I had to lean my head back, look up at the stars.  I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't hold back the tears, and I didn't want her to see them fall.
When she also dozed off, leaning against me, I lay her over, next to her mate ... and I found my out, leaving them in peace and looking so , lovely together.  I wanted to lay down, and curl up awake in the sun rays with them, but alas , I felt, such right now is a bit .. intrusive.  Hard to tear myself away, but ... I did. Somehow.  
The inn bed, I am finding hard to sleep in, this feeling will not go away, and let me rest well.  It's a small bed, only for one ... but it feels so .. empty now.
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:32 pm

I'm trying to be quiet while penning this down.  
She's right near me, sound asleep.  I've been watching her, listening to her breathing.  
I'm sooooo very ... enthralled , and happy.

I am finding, she seems to feel as I do ...  I think.

He was with me, during my first ...  well, that odd time set aside by whatever reason the gods deemed fit for such.
We ran, played ... ran afoul of numerous giant ants.
Ahh, one shouldn't get too curious I suppose, nor stick heads down ant holes.  
Nasty things anyways, big ugly yuky bugs!  Gross!
Before hand, i got to spend alot of time , chatting, discovering his mind and heart.  
I tried not to be so, strongly flirty and dirty minded, but some still slipped out, yet he didn't quite shy away as much as before ...
I think he's, getting more used to me ...
I did a card reading for him , he seemed interested in my witchcraft a bit. Maybe he was placating me, I'm not sure.  

Later she found us, and ... again my heart always flutters near the pair.  While it's IN the air, between them, I am finding this isn't what drives me in my attraction after-all.

Learning each other, we all conversed long hours, and she had me do a reading for her as well.  
Some of her cards, similar to his, yet different meanings I think.   I don't know, it's not an exact thing ... How I interpret, doesn't always mean, what the cards actually represent.
His cards, there was family ... usually means lots of children.  
Her card, love and lots of it.  Though, I did not get the impression , hers meant children.  Not specifically .. I felt, it was more geared towards me, and our current  ...learning each other as we go.  
I tried not to talk about it, because, when you know things about the future, you can change them easily.  No one should know all that much what's in store, not even me.  The more it's dwelled on, the more it effects the outcome, one way or another.  
She insisted, so I spoke what I read, though thankfully, she leaned towards it was more entertainment than anything.  

Most the time though, I am fairly accurate with the cards. Not always , but most the time.  

My sister, my biological one that is ... she liked using my gifts to know things.  A bit too much.  
Cards, seances ... rituals I dare not speak of again ... , such things , knowing too much upsets natural order, and power corrupts.  

It's one thing for others, practical strangers to want to contact a dead loved one, or want to know if they will ever get rich, or some trivial thing ...
It's entirely another, to make readings on people you know.  Especially when you draw cards, pointing to danger, enemies, and the unknown for them.
My deck too is ... special.  Given to me by a ... very dark entity.  Such gifts, do take a toll on you to use, eventually it catches up.  
It's not all potions and broomsticks , being a Witch.

Anyways, oh ... she's lovely sleeping there.  I do hope He comes, finds us napping and curls up too ... , it would be ... perfect then.  I feel , whole around them, with them.  When one is apart, I feel that piece ... missing.
There was also small talk of children in the future ... it seems nice.  I think i would be a bad influence on them, as my nature is very ... amorous and open.  But, I also look forward to those days , seems like it'd be fun and nice.

The realization I have a an actual family now, not just a dead mother, whom our father killed due to infection by a vampire. One that .. well, wouldn't keep his hands off me either.  
Or a mentally challenged, brute of a sister, whom you never knew from one moment to next, if she was lucid enough , NOT to try and decapitate you.
Or a sister, that needed your gifts, wanted to use you , but hated you all the same.

But, I have a real family now. It's full of discovery, love, life ... I feel so free!  

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:51 pm

The past couple of days, have been remarkable.
I found that Hel has a playful side, I think it helped I toned it down a bit, showed him I have a sweet side as well, and appealed to his nature, by ... playing wolf tag a bit.
We talked long, and he lay down next to me, to rest. I sat, keeping watch, mostly watching him sleep.
The place we stopped in, not a particularly secure area, anyone could have came down these known paths. Mialee tells me to be wary of rangers and some druids. So, I couldn't relax much , every sound and smell distracting me , fearing being happened upon by the wrong people or things. Lots of ants were seen earlier, I hate those nasty, nasty, yuky bugs!

He also discovered a way to tease me ... ha! OOOHHH It DOES get under my skin something fierce how he does so!
Messes up my perfect hair and throws grass at me too!
I really don't mind, well ... I do like keeping my long sexy hair, manageable and perfect looking.

But, He's playing back ... and it's a good sign, all is well.
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:20 pm

Oh how good it' s been of late! I had never imagined such, bliss.  
I feel like a story book cliche, in so many ways.  
Damsel in distress, saved by heroes ... heroes to me at least.  Lost girl, found and redeemed.  Bonding, friendships, and ... love. Ok I admit it, there is love there too.  Probably even that stupid old cliche of, love at first sight tossed in there.

I don't know ... I haven't really figured it all out.  I've naught felt this way before, how can I judge?
I've been to happy, and busy being taught, and with everything happening, just no time to dwell on it really.
Maybe I don't really want to think about it, and just feel ... live in the feeling, not overthink things too much.

I've found it difficult to sleep much though.  It's not that I couldn't, Helthan exerts himself, in his walks and trade.  I like being around for him, for company, and to pamper him a little. I find a bit of peace, watching him rest.  
I'm still not used to the outdoors all that much.  It's getting easier , but all the sounds and smells, it's all still very new to me. It's distracting at times.

The other part, is when I do rest, I am dreaming.  
A witch dreaming , can be somewhat dangerous.  walking in the dreamworld ... a place that slides between conscious reality, and the spirit realm , can be "thin" enough in places, at times to effect or attract one or the other.

One that re occurs often, is me inside a house maybe, one I have naught seen before ever.  It is a cozy home, with everything one would need in it. It's quaint, and nice. Things look worn and comfortable, a warming fireplace with the dancing flames of warm colors bouncing off everything.  
The odd part, is a giant floating card, one of my cards from a couple recent readings.  The Cup of Hearts.  No matter which way I turn, it faces me.  Even as I wake, and the house and warmth fade, I see the card, last as it fades and leaves an after image in the darkness.
While not a disturbing dream, it is surely puzzling and it's happened more than once, worth writing down here.

Another, again I dream of the last moments of my Mother's ... life.  Of my father, knocking my sisters crib over, that as we know, damaged the baby, as she grew ... just not right , never to be ... normal.  In the same moments, he grabbing my mother, whom pleaded with him to stay his hand,... as  he shoved a wooden stake into her heart, then drew his knife, and cut off her head.  
My sister and I covered our ears at the wailing she did when pierced, and stood watching in horror as her black blood, gushed from the neck onto us both.
I've had this dream many times, it still seems like it just happened.
 It usually ends, me so much younger, holding red flowers in a tomb, looking at others put on a show, for an empty casket. Pretending to be sad.  
My father, faking his grief, for show.

The last is of a gigantic full moon. It is beautiful ... I cannot describe it in words really. It's pale light, it's dark spots, and shimmering silvery glow just around it' s edges. The Moon, however beautiful, also brings pain.  Just like in reality, I scream out, and shriek as I change. To say it hurts, is a relative understatement, in those moments ... it's horrific, unbearable.  All you can do is focus on the pain, nothing else.  You aren't even aware of you surroundings much.  I am not even certain, I really even recognize my own pack mates , during this. I'm so afraid of loosing control, and my dream sometimes has me snap and claw at the two I care about.
 I will wake up thrashing from this.  
I think it' s my own fear, and lack of control right now.  Mia and Hel says it will get more easier to bare , and i'm "young still", the control will come in time and experience.

I don't dream like this, when Mia is with me ... she has an effect on me, so calming, so ... much ... I just feel safe.
I feel safe around Hel too, but he doesn't really cuddle up and drape his arm over me , hold me ... , not anything close to what my green eyed angel does and allows.  If I want to be near him and snuggle, I'm the one who takes the initiative there to do so, then he' s still fairly guarded, even while sleeping.
He of course, now ... doesn't shy too much away from me curling up next to him, he is just not very forth coming with comforts, and small little pleasures.

Ha! he also calls me a "temptation" ... , so yeah ... he notices!
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:51 pm

It seems I have a bit of time to be idle, I'm kind of bored so ... thought I'd express some concerns.

Family.  My new family.  
I love this, this bonding, this ... inclusion, all of this!  
Sugar , well, Mia seems to prefer "Snowball" , but someone else gave her this term of endearment, and well ... she's to yummy sweet not to be Sugar to me.  I call her many things, none of any words or nicknames I grant, even touch her grace, beauty, or ... how she melts me inside.
We are ... technically pack sisters.  

I don't mind this description too much, because it points at inclusion.  However, ... it does tend to make feel a tad bit ... incestuous too.

I had already jokingly brought up the issue, when we spoke about her having children.  

Auntie Bav.  I like this, and I do so hope I'm not a bad influence on the pups.  Though, I am at a loss, to ..fully explain to curious children .... what do I say to them?
" Hi, I'm your Auntie, whom, also ..., heavy pets your mother?"  , "Yes we are pack sisters, it's complicated beyond this. " , "Umm, lets talk about this when you are older? Please???" ...
Oh, what is this going to be like?  

But I look forward to my loves, having children.  The sounds of them playing, me getting to babysit ... playing tug of rope , and tail tag ... it sounds fun, and exciting.  Thinking of such, makes me feel as if I really do ... belong.  Mialee brought it up, so I do believe she is definitely inclined to having me in thier lives.  

Which brings up another thing, for the future ...
Helthan has mentioned his house a few times.   This isn't much of an issue at the moment, but ... well, two things really.  
The first, right now ... such is a sanctuary for the couple.  This is where they can go, to not have to spend time with me, or just be as a couple.  I'm perfectly fine with this myself.  I expect them to carry on, as normal as possible.  
I want to be an inclusion , not an intrusion.  
Secondly , right now ... we've not progressed as "together-together"  as far as the three of us "together" , this might have to wait on the two, as they seem insistent on waiting to winter months, to finally do it! Or possibly beyond.  I just feel as if, I'm overstepping boundries , if we all aren't ... fully engrossed in each other.  Not just one or the other, as current way things have been going.  

I'll take what I can get of course.  My heart is with them both, even if I'm not actually physically with both at various times.  I do long for those days.

But now I'm wondering, if I need to look for and maybe buy my own place.  A sanctuary for us all, until such time ... they both desire, I'm a ... full fledged addition.  
I do have a bit of wealth left over, especially now I'm learning how to live off the land, I honestly don't truely have to spend much.  When my sisters and I arrived, we placed our fortunes in the tradeway bank vaults ... I have access still, as I was the one whom set up the accounts.  
I don't know if after travel and outfitting expenses, it's enough for a place ...I will need to ask around, find out what cost.  

And look for a good spot too. If that's something , I should or need to do.  
Another subject , for the three of us to discuss farther , for sure.  
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:16 am

so, I'm still bored , with little pressing to do ... so write it is.
I think I should chronicle what ... transpired , to start this life of mine.  Everything happened so fast, so many sudden changes , it slipped my mind to pen it down.

Wow, where to start exactly?

I believe I will skip over, mostly because I don't wish to remember myself, the events that led me to be in Tivook in the first place.  Let's just say, wild magic and I just happen not to agree with each other, spikes in the weave are unpredictable, and I simply did not teleport where I expected to actually arrive.
I had a map, so I knew where the Inn was, I had been there days prior , just scouting the area ...
My first impressions, weren't great then.  But, I also had a nasty attitude as well.
I grew up, not as a royal, but under the care of eccentric royals.  My father was a Mortician, that strictly worked for this family, as his father did previously.  While we were technically, servants ... we were not treated as such, in fact we had our own servants , our own wing in the palace.  I was used to luxury, and nicer things ...

Too, I carried the stench of grave on me. I knew this, but was nothing I could do about it.  There wasn't enough perfume to mask the smell fully.  
At the time, it was my willing embracing of the Death Gods teachings, and I suspect ...something my Sister did to me, while I had been "converted".  

I wasn't truly in the best of moods, and when arriving at the Inn the second time, there was a odd group outside.  
A mouthy little dwarf woman , uhhh the horrid little beast had hair on her chin, GROSSS! How those creatures can stomach to actually breed, I'll never figure out ... She had with her, an overly skinny ... robbed person. I sensed the minor arcane magics around her, but other than seemingly supporting some revolution prattle from the dwarf, she slid away, out of sight, hiding near the horse rails.

The Slaadi stood talking to ... Mr , mmm rugged, and yummy.  There was some little elvish tart hanging near the Slaadi , a druid I would guess by the various beast clinging to her.  She didn't say much, and the Slaadi explained, he wasn't a Slaadi ... at the time, I though was a shame to hear, I feel bad for the poor cursed wizard.  His aura I could sense a long ways off, just like when Mialee is nearby.

Anyways, Mr ... rugged, and looking so fine, ... Ha! I didn't think he even noticed me , noticing him.  I grew bored quickly at the revolution talk , and since the outdoors man seemed more interested in talking to the group of, oddballs than to look at my big nice rack bouncing by ... I went in the inn, to grab a drink or two, see what was going on.
 Oh, the dwarven pest followed me in, followed by her skinny robed chrony!  Speaking of such, I was already irritated , and I happen to laugh at something this robed one said ... I don't recall, what she said, but I got an imagination, and I imagined the dwarf woman, being dropped on her head ... I giggled.  It was a funny sight in my mind, about the ONLY amusement I had at the time ... and well, she almost got too mouthy for her own good.  
At the time, i did not care who I hurt, or where ... and I about blasted the upstart to smithereens.  
I retorted, she made light of the situation ... I let it slide.  Lucky for her, huh?

Things just got to be too much, with now the whole outside group in the crowded Inn.

I slipped out, the group was even getting in the way of any other potential fun, I might could dredge up out of the tipsy guys, looking for a casual fling.  Bored, I left ...
I wandered around, trying to sense out any wild magic in the areas around.  

I returned later, to find most the group gone... at least the most socially unacceptable ones.
It was more calm.  

Then I passed by ... them.  The rugged one, and ... oh stop my beating heart, so ever gorgeous creature! MOST the time, it was I getting oogled , but I slowed down and almost couldn't peel my eyes away.
I sauntered on by, not knowing if the huddled couple even noticed.  At this point, I was rather getting put off being ignored. Not by them specifically, but well almost everyone.  
But ... OOOOHHH, the desires burned hot inside, i couldn't quit glancing over, I couldn't help myself from wanting those two, in every carnal way I could conjure up in my mind.
 Such would have been , great fun and of course an ultimate distraction to my current situation of waiting for my spell power to restore, so I could port back to Vestalla.  At the time, I did not know, the Inn portal could have whisked me back.

I finally found a position, where I could keep an eye and ear on happenings, and see the too cute couple I was fantasizing over.  I found many times, the urge to just start blasting fools and those blocking my view of them, especially that gorgeous red headed elf!  
I couldn't stop staring.  I ...wanted, and wanted badly!

I can't even say, when the rugged man had left ... eventually, the elven lass of my deepest desires was seemingly alone.
She came closer to others conversing near me.  I watched her graceful, slim figured form glide through the crowd, my gaze drifting from her toes up ...
The others and she started talking spells.  It piqued my interest somewhat, as there were a few spells I wanted to research, but had been stumped on actual components.
 I inquired about one ... and those mesmerizing green eyes of hers, met my dark eyes.

I don't know, I wished the man hadn't have slipped away, but I thought to myself ... what the hell right? Worth a shot, worst she could do was slap me, or run away screaming obscenities at me ... I thought, it's now or never, before she too slips away...
So, I flat out , layed on the flirt. Thick and heavy, and I did NOT leave any thing away from indications at all, of exactly what I liked and wanted.

She looked at me then, and I don't mean looked at me, but she LOOKED at me!
To my surprise ... she came closer.  I could tell she was judging me , wondering ... but she didn't shy away. She didn't get offended, everything I sensed from her was she ... liked it.
I thought, maybe ... at first, she reacted that way, just to see if I was being serious , or if I would back down.  I tried to put up a strong front, but inside I felt weak in the gaze of those luscious eyes of hers.
She asked me, to ..slip away to more private setting, and she asked if we could go outside.  I didn't like outside, but ... my loins were on fire with desire, I would have agreed to anything she asked.
She could have spirited me away, and murdered me at this point, and if I had parted this world, with this woman as the last thing I ever seen, it would have been worth the death!

She didn't though, she seemed as playful outside, as she did inside ... and we talked.  For these moments, with lust burning a hole in me, and in her company ... I let go. I didn't think of my mission, of my sisters, of ... anything.  
Something struck me, in my heart ... I let my normal nasty nature, dwindle away in the presence of this beauty.  I would say, I let the real me come out, not the angry hateful bitch, I had become.

We talked. And, I mean really talked. I discovered, I liked her ..even beyond wanting to bed her.  I thought, ... in a different life, she and I would make close friends too.  If fate wasn't so cruel that is.  

Turns out ... Fate wasn't as cruel as I had always thought it to be.  

She confided in me.  She shown me a secret , I know was difficult, not knowing if she could actually trust me or not.  
When she showed me, I admit I was a bit frightened, but I was also ... further enthralled.  I will say, no matter what form, she takes ... she's breathtaking beautiful.  
I asked if I could touch her, when she took her form. I touched soft, white fur ... stroked it, wanted to be enveloped in it, to snuggle into her...

An accident, that's all it took. Just a nip.
She knew right away what took place ... I just thought it was a little minor scratch.  
She told me, she could smell I was infected ... , said there was a way to stop it, before the next full moon if I wished.


I didn't want to stop it.  
I ... wanted it I think.  From the moment she showed me.
I knew for certain I wanted her ... , mostly at the time, that was very lust driven, me being how I am ... , but looking back , I now know there was way more than just physical desire in there.

And, well ... I think I had wrote on the rest before. How Hel came and saved me from the Trogs, showed me how to hunt, and where ... helped ease my , first hunger. How, that meeting wasn't ... part of the plan, but happened anyways.  Me teasing him into a bashful shell ...
Falling even farther for him as well.

If one was to ask, how I can want two people as such ... my answer is easy.  I don't want one face of a coin, or the other ... I NEED the whole coin!

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:37 pm

* Bav watched as Helthan slipped into shadows of the woods again. He mentioned, he somehow knew Mialee was , ... home. He was returning there, after he hunted for them.
In the morning glow, she felt sleepy not resting much all night. Day time seemed safer on the paths and off the beaten paths, the three generally prowled and found each other. Bav, felt a bit of sadness, she did want to go with the Alpha, and of course see Mialee , but she still held back.
It was only right , she respect the Alpha and the Beta Queen , thier alone times.

She tried to nap, but restlessly stirred, the dreams returned again. Sighing heavily, and with nothing else to do, she cracked open her scribble book, and started writing: *

The dream of my mother, comes more frequently. How I hate remembering it.
Maybe if I write it down, it will ease on haunting me so.

My mother, was beautiful. I believe it is she I gained my good looks and curvy body from, even though I got my father's natural blonnde hair, and not my mothers dark falling locks.

As I had said before, my Mother became infected by a vampire. She was slain, in cold blood , by my Father.
He claimed, it was mercy. And the right thing to do.

I remember though, me being right at the brink of womanhood , it wasn't truely the case. My mother had been, what she was for months. She found a way to control it, to live somewhat a normal life with her familly.

My father and she, were Morticians, grave Keepers of a very eccentric family. One of them, had seemingly passed away, and both were working, prepping the body for a funeral, when the corpse rose up and bit my mother. My Father dispatched the beast, and both he and my mother, while fearing the worst , there was always a chance, she wasn't infected.

But she was. At first, it was hard, and horrible. My mother loved us girls though. We were her world.
She fought through the darkness, and found ways to cope and to feed, with-out being monsterous. My father wouldn't look at her. He took comfort in the arms of one of the royal's daughters, and the lying whore, poisoned my Fathers ear. His lust, is what drove that stake into my mothers heart, and cut off her head.
I don't know, what else he did, only that there was no body left, after a short while.

The royal brat, slumming off with my father, found other means to occupy her time, when my Father professed his love to her, she laughed in his face, and said she was only playing games with him. Served him right I think. The bastard!

I hate him.
After this, he would ... come to me for his desires. Sometimes, quietly in the night, other times forcefully and brutal.
I told my sister, and she ignored it. She was always so jealous, she thought I was just acting out. No one believed me, despite this carried on for years.
I learned, to just live with it. Keep my mouth shut. Just ... take it.
He would, call me by my mothers name, when I was forced to smell his wiskey laden breath, while on top of me.

I wish it was he, that had been staked, and his head cut off.

Maybe then, I wouldn't dream of my Mother, this way.
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:14 pm

*Bav lay, still all night for once, no bad dreams, nothing disturbed her rest. The first full restful night, she had in a while. When the sun rays awoke her, she rolled over, and attempted to make..breakfast.
bacon is difficult to mess up ... yet, Bav did so elegantly. Sighing heavily, and opening her basket, she was grateful for fruit at least.. she didn't have to try and cook that.
Looking over her shoulder, at the epitome of gorgeous, laying there breathing softly still, she smiled wide, and lost herself thinking about the previous evening.
Soon she settled down, and opened her scribble book, munching on the fruits. *

Super spectacular?
... I can't find the words , not anything remote on how I feel at this moment, or how I felt all night last night.

I ..can't talk about it, and will remember it forever, regardless. Everything I hoped it would be, and more ...

Earlier in the day, I spent some time with Helthan , and I told him how I felt.
Later Mia found me, and I did the same with her, and ... she eased my fears I had brewing in my mind. I am , far more confident in ... what is in store, than I was when I woke up the previous day.
I was nervous, spilling my guts ... but I don't keep secrets from the pair. Even if it meant, my fears coming true, I owed it to both to be as open and honest about it. Once I admitted it to myself, and accepted the fact of it, I knew I had to tell them.

This is week... oh dear , about three months ago, since ... the accident. No, not ... it was fate. A good side of fate for once.

After last night, I am ... even more in love with Mia... I could not fathom that was even possible, before hand. Sounds silly, but .. it's true.

Oh, I rested ... a nice rest , I needed so badly! No dreams, not waking up at every sound or acorn dropping ... not worried, but I slept soundly, and as always when with her ... so at peace, and comfort, and ... safe. I sound like a silly school girl ...

My fears are behind me ... now, just have to see ... how Helthan feels I suppose. I think i know already. Not absolutely sure with him, but ... I think so. Or maybe, hope so is a better way to say it.
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:32 pm

I am ... so overwhelmed!

I just as quietly as I could, slipped out of the house.  No easy task, as I was very entangled with passed out red head, and both of us laying across the lap of a snoozing rugged ranger.  
The air was cool outside, my hot flushed skin needed the air.  

I went looking across the water.

I looked around in this place of serenity, nothing stirred so late in the evening, or maybe it's early morning, I lose track of time engaged with Mia and Hel. I slipped off my outfit, and swam in the water for a while, then I came out ... Ha! I instinctively "shook off", even though I wasn't in my changed furry form.
I'm so dumb sometimes ... but I sat down, naked , and grabbed my book to write, drying naturally, and not by spell.  
Well, I got my book wet, so I dried it by spell ...

anyways,  ...

I'm the luckiest girl on two legs.  Probably four legs too.

Mia corrected me, and said ... "Ours".  Not theirs, not ... a separation, but Ours.  Inclusion.

It was however, the place I had dreamed off.  Since I passed out from sweaty exhaustion , frolicking with Mia in front of the fireplace , I didn't dream again.
But before ... the house, with my card facing me, it's the very same one. Every single detail was there.  Not one thing out of place.
I had mentioned before, dreaming is walking between this world and the spirit world.  I don't think I was seeing the ... future, as much as i was seeing, not just the desire in my heart, but of all three of our hearts.  Makes sense now, the Cup of Hearts card.
I thought it meant, children or lots of love making ... and it still might.
Now I've seen my dream, in reality ... the circumstances around it too, The cup was bursting with hearts, simply because , it was more hearts involved than just mine.
I had mentioned before, how I interpret, isn't always what the cards are showing exactly.  This was one of those cases.

Let see, how did this come about?  I am still , maybe in shock? Disbelief ... I expected to wake up any moment, and it be a dream.
I came back from a short trip to the inn , I grabbed some teas there, and returned to the burned, overdone bacon I had cooked.  Mia has, slipped away by the time I got back.  She left her scent there, a clue to me, all was well, and she's be back soon.  

My mind was on everything from our previous evening.  I lost myself, playing it all over and over in my mind ... I am fairly sure, I might have even been touching naughty , when Hel walked up behind me.  
I tried not to to look alarmed, I think i jumped a bit .. it was silly, I felt like he caught me doing something bad at that moment.  Thats what I get for trancing out staring at fire!  I hope I didn't blush too much, but ... I know he could smell it anyways. Kinda hard to , by sly regarding our noses.

He seemed a bit ... off at first.  I thought he was mad , or angry.  His answers were short, and .. partially mysterious.  

It wasn't long though he laughed.  And, he brought me gifts.  a couple more pouches, and ... a very lovely ring.  I ... had to resist the urge to pounce on him, and ride him  like a wild beast.  
What am I saying? I AM a wild beast, ha!

No, I only ..can resist, so that i do not violate his and Mia's rightful coupling.  Their first time, I believe at least, should be with each other ... then afterwards, I can unleash the beast!  

Not long though, Mia showed up ... and, I am sorry .. she's breathtaking.

We sat down at my fire , and while I went and slid next to Sugar , I expected Hel to sit on the other side of her, he plops don across from us.
So I recline back , wondering if every moment from here on out, will be so ... dividedly awkward?
 I didn't know what to say really, but that start was by far , a long ways away from how I would like things to go.  

However, ... the couple spoke in a beautiful tongue, conversing with each other.  
I couldn't understand it, but ... it was getting me hot listening to them!

Soon, they said, "ok ... lets go".  Ok, so not exactly like that, but .. close enough.
A bit of discussion of how.
I was almost wanting to protest , because well ... that spot I was in, was very special to me from the previous evening.

I discovered Mia's abilities are truly astounding.  I talked to the portal in Tivook Inn, spoke sugars name, after hearing Hel do the same.
We were whisked away, straight to her.
Close to Dorahl.   I wasn't really in the mood for a city adventure, but the couple escorted me down the roads instead.  

They also dispatched a few herds of goblins, along the way.  While I could , defend myself from those ugly little things, Mia and Hel seemed more apt on protecting me on this journey.

We passed by the temple my Sister frequents, I threw a spell to render me invisible  as we passed by.  No sense, in tempting a happenstance encounter, giving my Sisters ant indication of whom my friends are.  

anyways, onward we traveled.  

The only part of this journey leg, I can mention is the cliff face.  No place to throw a rope ... and I can't seem to get this ..jumping up thing down pat.  I need to work on this, though even with Mia boosting my strength, and me changing into a hybrid form ... I should have been able to make the leap, easily.  
Mia, gave me pixie potions, I was able to fly up the cliff face , no problem. Once I got over the queasy feeling of shrinking into something so small, that is.

Then, well ... they brought me to thier home ... excuse me again, Our home.  
I'm a part of them now. I'm a Beta, second Beta ... to my Alpha and my Beta Queen.

If I was to die tomorrow, know I would part this world ... the happiest, and luckiest woman ever!

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:01 pm

*Bavmorda was outside the house, her new home.
She wiggled out of her outfit and plunged into the cooling waters running through the property, splashing, swimming ... an of course, some ... "alone time" in between.

She loved her new home.  
She loved the two reasons, this was her home so much more.  

Eventually, shivering from her chilly water play, she begrudgingly left the water, stood on the bank, and raised her arms above her head and stretched.
There weren't any neighbors, only wildlife ... she could roam the grounds, at least currently, stark nude ... and she liked that too.

As she walked around, leaving her outfit and gear near the stream , allowing the long grass to brush her naked thighs, the Witch took a good look at the property, and it's entrance way.
While she didn't really think her Sister, or anyone really would discover the location, she did mention to Mia, maybe to cast some wards , just in case.
But Bav, took a second look, and the place was well hidden, very difficult for just anyone to find, even IF they knew what they were looking for, and had the skills and equipment to do so.
Satisfied, she went back to her belongings, and reluctantly slipped her clothes back on.  

She then busied herself a bit, looking around to see what chores she might could do.  Helthan hunted, and provided.  Mia cooked and took care of the household.  Both took care of the ponytailed blonde , she wanted to contribute and do ...something.  
The fruit trees, seemed to have already been picked , so that was out.  
Fishing! She thought she could do fishing ... but in her horror , she couldn't bear to touch the worms or bugs needed for bait.  In fact, a small bee chased her a little, it was curious of her fragrances and smell , and she literally ran screaming around like she was being ate by a giant something or another ...

The worms , nope.  Just no.  She reached down, barely pressed one between her finger and thumb, and ... lost her lunch,  It's squishy slimy body , was too much for her ... more attempts, not even touching the dreaded things, caused involuntary gagging and retching.

So, she looked elsewhere after such a frightful experience.  
She thought the place could use some goats , the grasses were a bit tall and shaggy ... her second thought on this was , 'MMMMMM  goat meat' , ... and realized , the herbivore lawn mowers , just wouldn't last that long around here ... and probably why there weren't any now.

She tried splitting wood for the fireplace.  Hel's axe was too heavy.  
Bav attempted to blast the wood pieces apart with a spell, the wood came apart alright ... into thousands of burned little pieces unfit for ... anything.

Laundry maybe?  Sighing heavily, after not finding any ... Mia kept a good house, and both she and the elven sorceress had spells that cleaned, and not too many outfits either.  
Bav looked at Hel's boots, thinking she might polish them, maybe water proof em ... as she got closer, the smell gave her the same reaction as touching the worm. She sprinkled glittery powder and uttered "Poik" from a distance , not really sure any of the magic got in both boots.

There was cooking...
Bav fell over, laughing at her own joke at just thinking the thought.  
Dishes? ... nope, again Mia left nothing , and wasn't anything a bit of magic couldn't do anyways.

Frowning, she pushed her self up onto the table backwards to sit on it's edge, and swing her legs off the ground, looking around.  
In dramatic exasperation, she laid back, with a pouty look on her face, "Bav ... you are useless!" , she exclaimed out loud.

At that second, Pain lanced through the witches gut, cramping, severe cramping, and the sensation of lightning hot tearing of flesh wracked her entire body , she sat up doubled over in pain, fell from the table onto the floor. Barely able to see anything but flashes of hot-white sparkles and spots in her vision, she crawled and half scooted towards the more open area in front of the fireplace. At first , this pain was so great, Bav couldn't even draw breath to cry out, scream, she could only gasp, and move her mouth in attempt to scream out.
Finally, her head jerked back on it's own accord, and she let out a long ,near glass shattering scream.  
Her body, made audible cracking noises, and she felt like she was being tossed, slamming into the floor from side to side.  

Her arms grew long, muscular, powerful and slammed the ground in front of her, she again tossed her head violently back, and wailed from the intense pain.
white fur, formed and grew allover, her face elongated, and her screaming and wailing became howls and wimperings, combined with growls and heavy panting like breathing.
Only a minute or so, but ... seemed like an eternity trapped inside that minute, of absolute nightmarish torture.

The White half wolf, half woman looking creature, once she regained her thoughts and mind , went to the window, and moved aside the curtain.

She once again, had lost track of time, and the first night, of her fourth full moon , just began.  *
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:19 am

Dawn broke finally, and I was able to take a form with thumbs again, so I could write.

First , I had to bathe again , clean off the blood from my body, bits of animals sticking to me.  The hunger , it's strong.  Even when you are in control, it still pull sat you and drives you a bit.
It is part , instinct, and difficult to ignore or fight off.  
Since changing back, I don't quite remember all the events, only that I found my way back home easily enough.

I'm so tired now, sleepy. Exhausted.
The late night frolicking, and staying up to talk to Hel , my dreams when i have, an dnow the Moon again ...  I am going to curl up by the fireplace, and pass out. Hopefully I don't wake before it's time for the horrid pain again.

Before though, I wanted to write down some things.

About my two loves.

They are ..different, and I admit I love them in different ways , for different reasons, but even though it's got ... differences, I absolutely do not love one less than the other.
Hel's a man, my Alpha. I love him like a man should be loved.
Mialee is a woman, I love her as a woman should be loved.  
In all ways possible, I do.

Those kinds of differences.  

I don't want to leave one or the other out in my life, on any little aspect.  
People think things are trivial , take things and people for granted.  
For me, I understand there is absolutely nothing trivial , and I will never ever take my two loves for granted.  I have lived in a world, up until now of physical pleasures, but devoid of love entirely.
So I understand ... every little micro thing, is as far away from trivial , as the greatest and most profound stuff is.
Now I know what it is, and feel it ...
I want it all, and as much as I can squeeze into my short existence in the world!  

Now it's sleepy beast time ...
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:04 pm

*Bav taps her quill on the book, thinking about the day's events, with a long sigh and smiles, she stars to write*

well, today was ... interesting.
Quite a doozy if I do say so.

It started off normal enough, I woke up ... went outside, bathed ... when done, and ready to figure out what else I couldn't do ...
Hel met me right outside the cottage.
His manner, again turned mysterious ... sly even. I wondered what was on his mind ...
He simply gave me a key to the house.

I thought .. the world of the gesture! He spoils me rotten as it is.

But, ... oh what a but! His look changed as I approached to give him sweet smooches of gratitude.
Something in him ... came out. A different kind of Hunger.
He grabbed me, forcefully snatched me to him, an d... that kiss makes my heart melt, and my body go on fire thinking about it!

To say, it got me ... ready, hot and bothered isn't even close to describing it!
Unfortunately ... well, in part it was fortunate ... , he snapped out of it ... even though I couldn't seem to cool down as quickly. What he did, what he ... shown me , I was ... overly eager and while my heart said no, my body was screaming YES, YES, YES!

He then though, played quit ea bit. teasing me ... ohh he enjoys torturing my lustful body , and then holding back!

We discovered, by accident ... too much of that, can trigger a change. I wolfed out , I even scratched him , not meaning to.

It' s not fair.
I am the seductress here... yet those two, make me ... putty in thier hands.

Hel knows how to trigger me ... obviously , and Mia ..., she knows all my spots.

This coming winter, will be a very interesting one ... indeed!

After I was able to calm down, resume my human form again, I ducked inside to sit down. A bit too much excitement, and ... forcechanging is worse than when having to do it by the moon phase.

Hel came in, he was so ... tender, and caressing me, playing with my hair. We talked, a lot. About a lot of things.

I had told him, some of my past. Not all, not because I am withholding anything from either of them, its simply just too much to say in one evening.
And, I don't want him to worry.
I can handle my Sister ... she's my sister after-all.
Mia woke up, and made us a lovely dinner. We spent the rest of the evening, sitting and enjoying each other's company.
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:36 pm

I found a bit more time to write.
I took a nap earlier, so not too sleepy .. though Mia's delectable cooking, will fill you and cast you into a coma if you let it!  She's sexy, and talented!  

Earlier, while I was getting petted by Hel, we had chatted a bit about our pasts.

When we got to his, it seemed so ... normal to me. Thats not a bad thing, not at all.  I think I was, envious in fact!

He mentioned his Mother.  
He's not seen her in years, said he might write her.  I encouraged he go spend some time with her, but at the very least he should write her!

I would ... do almost anything to be able to tell my mom, well... anything!  I miss her still, soooo very much!

* Few tear drops puddle and water down some ink*

I wonder .. how the conversation would go?

" Hi Mom, hows the afterlife? "... no thats stupid...

"Heyas Mom! Guess what?
I'm a werewolf now, and I'm mated to two wonderful werewolves, my Pack! I'm happy!
Sariah is still major prude, Asira is last I seen her, fine and overly healthy ...

*scribbled those out*

I miss you. I wish I could share all the wonderful things happening in my life with you.  It's been so dark and empty with out you here.
I've tried reaching out, seances, to speak to you, to find you ... but alas, I never seem to find you!
I don't know if you'd be proud of me, or things I have done.  
But I hope, you would be happy for me, now that I've found two great loves of my own, and I'm the happiest I've ever been!
Love you,

* Bav then, pushes the book a bit from her, lays the quill down, lays over and stares into the fire and it's shimmering coals. Tears flow down her cheek, wetting the rug under her head, she soon dozes off ... leaving her book open, as she curls up and drifts to dream*
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:20 am

*Bav woke up, discovered Hel's note, quickly scan-read what it said.

In a panic, and mixed emotional state, she bolted out the door, tried picking up He'ls scent. At first she thought about shifting to her fast small wolf form, and running him down. Though, she ... did understand.
She was conflicted in her heart.

He needed to see his mother, and let her know he's doing good. The bonding was something Bav wished she had with own mother, now deceased.

She stopped when she found his last set of scent pattern, only a couple hours old.

The Witch then raised her arm above her shoulder, and made a magical sending call.

A very big black Raven, flew in and landed on her Arm. She tore a piece of parchment from her book, scribbled a quick note, tied it to the Ravens Leg. *

" Kaw, find Helthan. Watch over him on his Journey, should he have Need of Us, you let me see through your eyes. Now Go make haste! "

the small note said:

Please be careful. This is Kaw, my spirit bond animal, he has a magical link to me , and will help you in your journey. He will fly over and watch out, if you need Mia or I, he can let me see what he sees, Mia can then, port us to you.

I'm proud of you Honey, ... maybe bad timing, but I love you and wish you best of this much needed adventure.

(Triple Hearts drawn ) ,
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Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:39 am

*The blonde Witch sat reclining back in her chair after dinner. She and Mia had a delicious meal, sitting sipping on wine.  Mialee didn't seem talkative.
Bav guessed it was because of Hel's abrupt departure.  
She frowned, chewing on her lip, knowing it was her fault the ranger partook on his journey to see his mother.  She didn't know if Mia felt the same way, that it's a good thing for him to do, or if it pained the gorgeous elven sorceress , her mate wasn't around.
It really wasn't good timing at all, Hel taking off ... mating season was right near upon them.  
The Witch then  sighed heavily, leaned forward resting her head on one hand propped on the table.  
Then there was, the fact, Bav had blabber mouthed to Hel about him and Mia having children.  Bav read it in the cards, and she told them , or at least told him ... she couldn't recall if both were present.  Just the day before he left, she tried to tell him, that knowing things that will happen, can be changed just by knowing them.  He disregarded it, and what next? He left to see his mother ... and according to his letter, might not make it back before winter, the mating season is done.
She didn't know if Mia was thinking the same things or not.
Bav wanted to ask, but she held back, hesitated.  She didn't want Mia to be upset anymore than she might be, and the witch herself also felt his loss too. Bringing it up, only reminded herself how much she missed him already.
She was also, finding it hard to think of anything else to talk about.  

So Bav rubbed a finger around the rim of her goblet, and just looked over the small framed, but incredible beauty before her. *

I think Mia might be growing tired, or jaded to me telling her how absolutely gorgeous she is.  
She's been smirking at the compliments more.  Maybe that's an elven thing? It's acknowledgement of course, and it isn't unpleasant. It just doesn't seem , quite the same as when I first started flirting with her.  Then, her look was more ... passionate, longing.  She smiled more.
Maybe, there's been a bit of a strain, the two kind of have ... rerouted thier entire lives to bring me into thier lives.
I am a responsibility to them, somewhat of a burden.

Do they love me?
I know they do, deeply.  They wouldn't tackle this responsibility, and they surely would not have brought me home to stay if they didn't.  

But, I can understand it's hard still.  
It's not that I'm another werewolf to watch over, and make sure everything is alright, ... there's matters of the heart too.  They've had a long standing relationship , and for a long time, it was just them.
I'm kind of a ... new complication, I think.  
It's been a little bit now, but I think we are all still adjusting too.

As I sit here, just gazing at her ... all I can keep repeating is how utterly , amazing, incredible absolute profound gorgeous she is!
Mia, I could write an entire library's worth of tomes describing every little detail I find appealing , and it wouldn't begin to scratch the surface of the truth of it!
She's not just ... pretty. She the epitome of gorgeous!

Her red hair .. ok, first off, I'm rather partial to the color to begin with... at least on women.  Many times, I thought about dying my own hair a red or auburn color before meeting Mia.
I find it sexy , and vibrant.  
But, it's also ... so silky soft.  I love running my fingers through it, the feel of it sliding between my sensitive fingers. I am also, very, very, VERY fond of in naked times, when she's kissing my body, and that luscious hair drags over my ... ample chest and belly.
Her lips ... I like watching her sip her wine. She will lick and suck in her bottom lip after a drink, ever so slightly ... , it's one of those subtle little things, that sets my loins ablaze with desire!
Her lips too, are the softest, most delicious I have ever had touch mine.  I've kissed my fair share of women, and never, ever have I found any that could compare!  It's, indescribable ... no matter where Mialee puts her lips, on mine, on my neck, on my body ... the sensation is pure ... heaven! Take the most wonderful sensation you've ever experienced times that by, well ... infinity, and you might come close to understanding those lips of hers.

Her skin ... oh , under all of everything created, ... it's incredible!
Elven skin isn't quite like human skin.  It's smoother, feels like the softest satin that could ever be made, lightly caressing you in perfect tingles everywhere! I find no blemishes, no flaws. The texture is amazing, and I find myself lost touching her, I can't stop .. it's hard to pull my hands way, or my body.

Her eyes.
I could just die! It's not just her perfect features, bone structure even ... those orbs of emeralds gazing at you, even a glance, makes my heart skip beats. I can barely draw breath at times. I could stare a lifetime into them.  The color is ... one to mesmerize. In different lighting, they sparkle so much more ways, and are dazzling.
When she looks up at me, with that playful, loving, sexy mischievous  , and often ... mysterious look ... I simply have no will power to control myself anymore.
You can read so many things in those green eyes if you dare to. If she wants you to see that is.  Most of the time, her eyes hold a tempered wisdom behind them.
Mia is a couple hundred years old, though you cannot tell it by looking at her. She looks as young as I or maybe even younger, the only clue is that wise gaze of hers, that betrays she's been long lived.  She uses the look, more on Hel I've noticed.  Me, she will ... sometimes, but it never last long. Those eyes change , ... I can't tell whats in there always, but maybe playfulness, longing, satisfaction , joy ... but definitely love.
Our souls touch, when she looks at me so.

Hmmm, maybe at some point, i'll also write about her beautiful other forms too. for now, I think I've worked myself up beyond hot and bothered, and see if I can't ... entice her to leave the table, for a more comfortable spot, to lay down ... and allow me to indulge in her absolute beauty.

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:40 am

Kaw drifted on currents above Helthan's Journey, flitted between branches , and wondered to himself, if the strange half breed he followed from being commanded, knew just how many times the Raven had saved his life?

Squirrels. They were everywhere. Dropping deadly nut shells, and things the two legger could slip on. Kaw did as instructed, displaying the ultimate dangers to Bav occasionally.
There was a mouse, and a small snake along the way too. Kaw was very proud of himself, dispatching the dangerous beast, long before the two legger got there.

Occasionally Kaw would voice is triumph, to let the on Bav named "Helthan" know, the danger was passed, with a squawking "Kaw-Kah-KAW!" .

Late one evening, when the bird was keeping one eye on the man, through a window, the man reached out and beckoned the bird like Bav does when she wanted something. Kaw hesitated, as this was not in his instructions to mingle.
But the bird thought, there -might- be a tasty cracker involved , so he it perched on the arm, looking at the two leg that could speak bird. He gave a message, and Kaw didn't know what to do with it. The Helthan wasn't in danger at the moment, Bav didn't give any instructions to relay information, only show he when the man was in trouble.

With no trouble involved, and even more off putting no cracker to munch, Kaw went about perching where he could continue his vigilance.*
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Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:19 pm

Bavmorda slyly eyed Mialee arranging a comfy spot near the fire , she grinned and chewed on the end of finger, a habbit when she thought more naughty thoughts.

But, even though both the red headed sorceress and Hel both seemed to be able to kindle even hotter fires with in her lustful young body, there was something far more profound, they brought out in her as well.
A tenderness, a caring spring of happiness and fulfillment.

Intuition was a huge part of being a Witch. The Witches guts, were telling her ... Mai was distracting herself, cooking for Bav, arranging soft pillows and blankets for cuddling and specializes to come.
Bav decided, Mai needed a lifting of spirits as much as some physical company.

She stood up as Mia settled down , patting the cushions.

Her dark stormy grey eyes, took in the sight .
There were sometimes perks to being a witch ... she concentrated, and spoke a word out loud, filled with magical energy. " alahna-eserak!"

The air , around the area gave an impression there was music playing, directed by Bav's will. It was a simple spell, audiable glamor, and illusionary thing, normally used for distractions, but Bav was at times ... very clever with her use of magic.

She walked slowly closer, catching Mai's gaze, and started singing to her :

There's such a sad love-
Deep in your eyes -
A kind of pale jewel
Open and closed ...Within your eyes
I'll place the sky-
Within your eyes-
There's such ...a fooled heart-
Beatin' fast-
In search of new dreams-
A love that will last-
Within your heart-
I'll place the moon...
Within your heart-

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill is gone-
Wasn't too much fun at all,...

But I'll be there for you....
As the world falls down-
'Falling... down
'Falling love;

I'll paint you mornings of gold-
I'll spin you heart shaped evenings-
Though we're strangers 'til now,
We're choosing the path-
Between the stars-
I'll leave my love...
Between the stars-

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill is gone
Wasn't too much fun at all,
But I'll be there for you-ou-ou
As the…

World falls down, slowly ... slowly in love
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:20 pm

I spent a very lovely evening with Mia , my sugar ... my white furry special love.
We , talked.
She seemed to like my song. I didn't write it, can't even recall where i heard it before ... but in that moment, seemed so... fitting.
I meant it too, every word ... that probably helped.

Which reminds me, I have a song for when the pups are around and I'm watching em! I think they'll get a kick out it!
Provided Hel ever gets back , that is ...

Even though I wouldn't mind more, I got very sleepy with Mailee playing with my hair as we talked. It relaxes me so much! Oh, I cannot express in words how much I love her!
I beckoned she just lay with me, and sleep for a while at least.

I was ... dreaming, ... even with her there.
I dreamed of Hel, being home ... his muscular body on mine, taking me, powerfully, lustfully ...
I woke up from it, so hot and bothered... throbbing, aching , ... my desire for physical needs coming in powerful waves of heat!
I couldn't help it, even with Mia right next to me ... I ... tried taking care of this burst of ... lust on my own. Hours pass, and several finishes later ... it hasn't eased up any at all!

Is it .. time already? Is Winter upon us?
I want to wake up Mai ... need to wake her ... I need some heavy loving, and RIGHT NOW!
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:23 pm

*Bav had to go outside, try to cool off. She thought about plunging into the cold lake to ... help.

This mating season thing, was driving her insane, and the Witch feared she'd just exhausted Mia , and was getting quite sore and raw herself even.

Something on the air, caught her attention, she sniffed long ... discerning direction. A deep gutteral growl emitted from her gut, anf her breathing became heavy again, her body screaming at her for what she needed.
The she realized, what scent she caught a whiff of ...

The Witch ran to the door, pushing it open frantically ....*

" MIA!!! He's back, and Near by! ...

* Gritting through pain, that was far less excruciating than not finding satisfaction, she turned into a small white wolf , and darted too and fro, trying to pick up Hel's scent again. *
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:57 pm

//lol -
-Total OOc but fitting :

In touch with the ground
I'm on the hunt down I'm after you
Smell like I sound I'm lost in a crowd
And I'm hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line in discord and rhyme
I'm on the hunt down I'm after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry like the wolf
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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:07 pm

*Bav ran to and fro, down trails, through the trees, she stubbornly burst through thickets. Her keen nose, somewhat seemed to be leading her astray, she couldn't quite figure out , how it was she seemed she kept making circles , back to the same spots, she knew the scent was fresh, and track ... obvious.

Mai seemed to be enjoying running with Bav , though Bav noted her beta queen , didn't keep her nose to the ground, but seemed to be ... enjoying the chase, ... maybe even enjoying watching Bav frantically run about smelling everything in sight.

Finally she knew, about the sixth time around, finally ... something was up. He didn't just double back ... he left a confusing , winding path that crossed itself in many places.
She glances back at Mia whom was happily wagging her fluffy lush tail , Bavs ears laid back, and she sat down, gave a whimper.

If it was any other time, she might have found it funny too, or amusing ... in her current state, she didn't find it funny at all.

In her current form, she found it difficult to think clearly, and was panting heavily from the frantic sniffing and cross country run. Well, at least the run, had taken some of the edge off , whatever this drive was ... , this "winter months" that is.
She was still bothered, but all the physical activities since it's onset, had her worn down, she almost didn't care anymore.

She howled , and growled, and wimpered as she shifted back to her normal human form. She sat down, leaned against a tree , breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath.

The extra .. desires, she had thought would be there, but she had not expected the intensity of it. Mia and Hel, said it was difficult , but she had chalked that one up, to they just hadn't done it yet, so that was what was "difficult".
To be fair, her rough night with Mia , should have had her stated and satisfied, most of it was very great, and momentarily satisfying.

But, this ... intensity was pushing her limits. It was ... a thing she couldn't seem to control, and in part instinct.

Instinct, the drive of nature ... Bav didn't stop once she smelled his scent. In part excitement, and a longing she couldn't explain, sh eimmediately went on the hunt, on the chase. She didn't think clearly, other wise, she would have slowed down, and figured out some of her other talents to use first.
She in part, didn't really know why she bolted off, she just did.
When it could have been just a simple matter of reaching out to Kaw, and looking through his eyes to see where Hel was ... or at least close to where he was ...

Kaw, she thought ... why didn't I think of that before?

And, What possessed Helthan to leave an obvious trail, but wind it all lover Tivook?

Her eyes, dark and stormy, narrowed ...
Oh, .... funny Hel. You did it on purpose, knowing Mialee and I would be overly happy to see you.
Elements above and below ... I am SUCH an AIRHEAD!

* She let out a frustrated shriek, now more angry at herself, and lack of control than anything.*

She concentrated then - and focused on her familiar.
Bav took a moment , perplexed to see a view of the top of her own head.

"KAW! Why in the nine, did you NOT tell me when Helthan got back to Tivook? You could have saved me an afternoon of running about like a fool! "

The large raven, cocked his head from the branches just above the Witch, replying perfectly in the human language , " Mistress, you did not say to do this. Mistress says to Kaw, Kaw go find Helthan, watch over him, keep him safe. Kaw watch, keep him safe. "

Bav looked straight up at the Raven, looking down at her. " Thats mighty convenient of you, to take everything so literal all of a sudden. ", sh esmirked at the bird, " Where is Helthan now? "

" Maybe in his wood box... house. Where you go. Your Helthan, pass by , Kaw see mistress, think mission over. " The raven loked at her with it' s other eye." Kaw have cracker now? Do good, Kaw did, Mistress. Helthan safe. "

The blonde witch, let her head fall back to smack against the tree trunk, she looked over to see Mia had padded off, while the witch was distracted.
Bav then growled, her eyes narrowed again , " Men! GRRR! .... Kaw, when this is over , and I am feeling better ... you are going straight to a pet shop! "

Despite the drive to mate, was pushing her ... lack of sleep, physical exertion of loving on Mia most of the time she was awake , the blitzing bolting running ... started to catch up to her.
" Kaw, watch over me ... I'm tired, need a bit of rest. wake me, long before any danger , or anyone comes. Maybe, this will be good, Mia will find Hel first, or at home. Probably better that way. "

" Yes mistress, Kaw watch. "

Bavmorda then closed her eyes, and dozed off under the tree.

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:08 am

The Raven squaked loudly , shaking Bav awake, startled.
It took her a moment to realize where she was, and that her familiar had let out a warning. Bav sniffed the air, all she could smell was the scents left by her two loves, faintly.
She looked at what the raven could see, and the bird circled above the trees, she could only discern it was people, moving about not too far off, Kaw banked and she lost sight of glimpse of them slowly slipping from trunk to trunk to trunk.

Bav frowned a bit, glancing back the way she had came , if these were hunters or trackers, she could lead them back, if she did what her body was telling her, and go tackle Hel to the ground.
With a silent wave, she sent the Raven off, Kaw usually was something Bav kept in reserve , out of sight. Like most the trinkets that was her mothers before hers, even Kaw was ... special. She didn't want him shot down, pierced by an arrow.

Smelling, she knew it wasn't her two mates. The scent held no rot or earthy tones, so it wasn't her sister.

The Witch uttered an incantation, rendering herself invisible to all but the most powerful magical gazes.
Quietly, she stepped, feeling exposed across the open ground, to the thickets.
Once behind some concealment, she dared moving faster away ...

A few hundred yards more, Bav dared a daring thing .. as she reached the road way leading North, she leaped into the air, and cried out in pain as she shifted again into her small sleek form, fast and agile. Four Paws touched down invisibly on the other side, and she bolted a way she knew very well.
Once at the crossroads, she slowed, looking behind her ... no sign of pursuit, before he invisibility wore off, she ducked behind the barn, growled through the pain of becoming a young vibrant woman again.

Bav cautiously peeked about as her spell dropped ... she went into the Inn, she needed a drink and a respite after that scare.
and needed to think ...

( back in the clearing with the tree )

-A small pack of goblins lurked around, finding a mix of tracks, but disregarding them. They tallied around the spot Bav had been resting in, but only because it offered shade from the sun, slowly they slunk away, heading the opposite direction the unknown Witch had gone. -


I probably should have just went home.
I feel a little silly, I fell for Hel's game. I know him, he meant no ill will by it, but at the same time he and Mia seem to find my inexperience amusing at times. It's a bit embarrassing I guess, cause I rarely disappoint!

But some hard drink, well a couple bottles later ... I can at least now , slugishly, bear this ... heat. This, intense desire , like a wild animal digging a hole with it' s claws in me, relentless ... in that way. Like something trapped inside waiting to get out.
A few of the patrons trie dtalking to me, I ven think one tried to pay for a night of ... services. I suppose I was drunk enough, I wasn't very appealing for long.

I looked over my shoulder, and .. there was a red head. At first, I thought it was Sugar ... but the girl came and sat down. Small talk .. I think, my head is a bit fuzzy on the details.
After a while, it struck me as I knew hr, well by hearsay ...
I got some coffee to try and clear my head, and sipped it while listening to the red head chat.
It sort of helped. At least I wasn't seeing two of her anymore at that point.

I had heard of her, through another person I met briefly, he kept saying that red head ... at the time, I thought he was talking about my Mia , but his description didn't quite fit. After staring at the girl, and she isn't just red headed, she is VERY red headed, not sure if it' s natural or a dye, but look s like a dye to me.
Armor ... nope not like Sugar at all.
But, anyways ...the guy, I think his name was Realiban , or something like that, I'm horrible with names ... he went on and on about this red head, whom introduced her self as Rannie to me. He's smitten, maybe in love with the girl. Nothing but good things to say about her. He still hit on me afterwards, but ... well ... , I could tell he liked her. A lot.

I did a card reading for her ... it had some , very interesting results. I knew exactly what I was looking at,but I played dumb , and chose to let her guess at what they meant. The impressions from the cards, both astounded me, and worried me at the same time.

The conversation turned from, generalities of her past, via explaining cards to me ... to, she brought up Lycans. Asked about em.
I played dumb ... and didn't really know what to say to her. But she never mentioned , werewolves... odd, she prattled on about bear kinds and catones. I hadn't met any I know of ... and , don't think I want to.
Anyways, I don't know if it was coincidence or not ... truely, I was a bit perplexed, and wishing I hadn't wandered into the Inn at that point.

In my head, all I could think of was , 'surely by now, Mia has gotten to Hel, and the pair coupled already. ' , but I honestly didn't know how long I had slept, nor how long I sat downing these brown bottles of liquid fire.

I half listened to her for a bit, I missed Him, I wanted to see him ... yes I really wanted to do -that- too, but that was my body is fighting my heart, but I ... didn't know if just seeing him, would set me off. Or he and Mia together ... either way.

I smiled pleasantly ... and realized I hadn't been paying to close attention. Ha! I had to ask Rannie if I had flirted or not, because I simply wasn't paying attention to my responses. Gladly though, she looked confused, and shook her head no at my question.
I was glad ... , somehow I managed , not to do as I would have prior to my two loves.

The woman pressed for things I knew, and I didn't like it was getting more crowded in the Inn. I slipped outside, asked her to join me for a better discussion.
I spoke to her long then, finding out ... her past and mine are similar. Different circumstances , but similarities.
She too had a horrid family. There was slavery involved on her end. She got free, came here to find her way, and all she wants is to have a family, and find love.

Sounds really familiar eh?

I couldn't help but feel pitty, knowing this ... I cried a little bit, it made me sad. I want to help her, but ... don't know how. I can't just expose us, our pack ... and things right now are very complicated, and just not good timing. I don't even know how to approach the subject with my two loves, or ... if the gift Mia gave to me, is something .. good for anyone else either.

Still, maybe .. I don't know.
She took her leave, and I decided to spend the last rays of sun penning this, still waiting to take the paths home.

and I think i'm still drunk.

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Something in the blood ... a new life Empty Re: Something in the blood ... a new life

Post  BenevolentDevil Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:52 pm

Bav sat, she just had wiggled away from a sleeping Mia, used her legs to push and roll an exhausted Hel to his red headed mate, she scooted back, found her book and leaned back a minute.

So many things happened so fast, she was spinning in a mix of emotions.
She smiled , looking at the pair.  

A few tears formed, she stubbornly wiped them away.  She then picked up the book, and started to write:

Alright, first off ... thank all under the heavens, my own heat, my winter months did not last long.  maybe because I am young still, ..I hope there's nothing wrong, but I don't know if I could have taken another minute of it. In the Mid apex of the Full moon, my heat subsided, back to ... normal, and I've not been so grateful to be normal randy in my life!
It made the journey easier back home.

I still slipped in, invisible. I knew Hel was back, did not know what I'd be coming home to, exactly.  

He found me, sitting with a hang over near the fire.  I .. didn't know how to react.  as always, a part of me wanted to jump in his arms, and the other part ... uncertain.  His demeanor wasn't as usual, and especially not one that seemed to have missed me.  
 Mia woke up though, and her knowing gaze, broke any tension there ...

I went outside to bathe, forgetting what the moon brings.  I fluffed out as I climbed out of the creek.  

 I went back in, part wanting to go find some  yummy deer to crunch, and ... part just longing to be with my two loves.  

It was a more normal evening, even though I had wolfed out. Mia cooked, I wasn't in the mood for food ... really.  

I went out again, not long later.  I wanted to give the pair some ... private time.  
Glad I did!  

Their racious love making I could hear through the wall!  Even as the sun rose, and  I reverted back to my bouncy self, they were still going at it!  I may,or may not have rubbed a couple off ... I'm such a bad, bad girl!

After things seemed to come to a ... quiet ending, I come in to see my loves embraced.  The sight both, warmed my heart and , made me yearn for such myself.  It never takes much to get me ... wanting.

I came close, beconed by Mia to do so ...  we sat in front of the fireplace , I ... tried enticing Hel, by being sweetly visually appealing, coupled with the gorgeous Sugar.  
I don't know ...
I guess ... he's just not into me. Not interested in being love sandwiched by two good looking women , or something.  
I've tried ...  I have been aggressive, I have been innocent, I have been sweet,  I've been inticing, teasing, ... and sultry.  I've shown I can be, whatever he desires ...
I suppose, there's something wrong with ... me there. I'm not pretty enough, my body not desirable enough. I can think of no more to do.
He had given me mixed signals several times, goes from hot to cold ...

But , it's ok.  

I can't complain, or I shouldn't.  
I have more than I ever dreamed of, and of course my Mia ... she still likes having fun at least.

I'll leave him be , though it tears my heart up to do so.

They finally Mated though, so I don't feel like I'm doing wrong by him, by ... indulging in the gorgeous body and loving heart of her.  I feel I can be a tad more open, even though ... technically , I've not tried to hide it at all, neither has Mia I don't think.  

They fell asleep, I rested, I should sleep, but now the moons are passed, i have something I need to do ...

The other exciting news is , Mia seems to have taken , I'm going to an Aunt!!!!  Finally!!!
I'm so thrilled, and looking forward to it!

She'll need help, and extra care during this time, so If i'm going to do what I been wanting to, I should quickly , before we get so busy, I can't slip away.

*Bav packed away her book, and quietly slipped out the house.  The journey would take a couple hours to her destination, by then darkness would fall. she knew goblins would lay ambushes around that time, along the roads.  When the sun was almost gone, she would render herself invisible.

Some time later, Bav cautiously made her way, invisible and into the back entrance of the temple. Technically, she was in it's cellar, but like many places here, it was really another plane of existence, a pocket dimension, that looked like a cellar. It also hourses a vast underground crypt, and of course, lodging for the clergy.

The Witch, quietly stepped the way she knew to go.  Three skulls right, and five skulls left ... coming to a plain dirty door.  Pushing it, she winced as it creaked.

Heavy snoring, never broke, and she dared a peek around the door.
Asira, her large sister, was again chained up, and probably drugged to.  Bav frowned at this, she felt sorry for the youngest sister, but had no idea what to do about it.
Bav moved into the room, her shriveled sister, was in her bed , turned the other way. That one, looked like she was dead, barely able to discern she drew breath.  
The witch went to Asira, whom was snoring and drooling , wiping her mouth for her, Bav leaned over and kissed the forehead of her youngest sister.

Bav then, on her hands and knees, crawled on the dirty floor , the whole place foully smelling of rot and earth, she tried suppressing her gagging, as she approached her decrepit sisters bed, whom smelled far worse than the ground did.  
She waved a hand in front of the nun , Sariah showed no sign of being alert, and Bav's spell was still keeping her out of sight.  

Bav reached under the bed, holding her breath ... she found what she sought.  A black velvet box.  She scurried back quickly as she could, because just at that moment, Sariah turned and sat up.  
Trembling a bit, Bav bit her lip to keep from crying out, being surprized and afraid Sariah might could see her.

The nun, scanned the room ... got up crossed right in front f where Bav was sitting, and slapped the chained Asira hard.  
Asira didn't wake, but turned enough, she stopped snoring.  

Bav wished in her heart, scowling at Sariah, that one day ... someday the nun would indeed get whats coming to her. The blonde Witch, almost growled a deep lycan growl at the sight, but thankfully she was able to stifle the urge.

Before the Nun, had settled back in her bed, Bav clutching the box close to her body, was at the door.  She then, slipped out as Sariah's bed squeaked and creaked, masking the sound of the door being pulled.  

Bav made her way out , as she stepped into the moonlight her spell faded.  She looked and sniffed the air, noone was around, everything quiet.

With pups on the way, Bav couldn't use the contents of the box at home , inviting spirits is not the thing you want to do in your own house. To much could go wrong.

The Witch had another destination in mind , an abandoned house she had discovered before she went into heat.  It would do.

She reached the house,  crept inside, setting Kaw to watch the house.  

Once in, she opened the box ... held her hands over it at it's raw, chilling power, concentrating.  
She took chalk from it, and with a steady hand, only practice and experience of doing it produces, made a diagram on the floor.  Then she took candles, from the box set them around, peeking out the windows, to set each precisely at each geographical magnetic position, representing a direction. Next, she took at out what is known as a witch board, a device used to interpret or channel spirits.

Speaking in ancient forgotten mystic syllables and chanting rites she had known instinctively all her life, she lit each candle, drew her anthme and violently cut her own palm open, letting the blood spill onto each flame first, then traced the outer edge of the witch board.
Grasping a cloth in one hand, and the other on the glass pointer , she leaned her head back, and in deep concentration , opened her self to the spirit world again.

She felt a tinge of some connection ... and called out loud ,
"Momma, is that you? Are you there? Can you hear me, your daughter, Bavmorda?  "
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