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May 15 - the Garden is IN!

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May 15 - the Garden is IN! Empty May 15 - the Garden is IN!


As many of you know, I love my garden. I always strive to get my garden plants put in on May 1, even though it is thought of as 'way too early' by most traditional gardeners in my area (global warming is a thing). While my father would always target June 1, for me it is May 1 - and in the last 20 years of gardening here I've seen a frost only three times (each time I was able to protect the plants by covering them with an overturned cardboard box overnight)... so I've never lost the garden to a frost. While my fathers' rules on gardening were sound 'back in his day' for today, Mayday is my very proven planting date. That said, many in this region regard that as an early date and it is hard to find nursery plants that are ready on May 1 - so I do what I can and have a sort of 'back side' target date of May 15 to get all the rows filled if I could not manage it prior to that date.

Weeeeeeeell... As of the evening May 15, the last of my garden plants were in their places. HOORAY!

That said, I'll be indoors and near my computer much more in the following days than have been the case the last 30 days (as I labored at intervals to turn the soil and prepare the rows). My system is left running pretty much all the time with my Avatar left laying prone on the floor of the entry area of the module anytime I'm near the computer... so if anyone sees "GM_ODA" laying face down on the floor, use your VOICE COMMANDS (such as keyboard v,x,w) to make some noise that could alert me to your presence - and we can interact. I look forward to hearing from you all - please do visit and say 'hello', I love to talk DND and NWN.

Be well. Game on.
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