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A few random thoughts for future experiments

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A few random thoughts for future experiments Empty A few random thoughts for future experiments

Post  MRC2811 Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:24 am

After my own experiences in trying to create a module or to and failing for the not knowing of scripting, I recently spoke with someone in game about ideas I migh have (can't remember who exactly that was) and thought I might share them for all to kick around and play with...
Please, I will not be offended if anyone see's these as uncoventional or not possible so don't worry about being honest in your opinions Very Happy

Always a touchy topic on assassins and boredom they often face in not having a ~target~ to assassinate, I am not sure if there is going to be a guild of assassins or just players privately contracting themselves out.. (Someone feel free to enlighten me) .. On thinking on the a guild structure I once tried to implement a idea for assassins to still assassinate a ~target~ recieve payment and earn some form of renown (mainly through XP).

The Idea is as such:
NPC generated targets, for example...
PC goes to local guild and enquries about targets through convo option, script generates a NPC target adjusted to meet lvl of the PC and contract is placed in PC's inventory... now the contract is the PC's advisor on which area the NPC has been created with discription on clothing and appearance.. it also bares the name of the person that has contracted the deed (that also being a random generated NPC) to which the PC must seek out after set contract is completed to recieve payment.
The trappins to this is that the NPC target may or may not be in a populated area, have personal gaurds or be in any number of buildings in the set location. There is also the possibilty of the assassin being caught (I always like the idea of people doing unlawful deeds and getting to be stunned by the local gaurds and taken to the watchhouse and locked up for a minimum of say 30mins RL time) ..on being caught the contract is to be discovered and the assassin can no longer recieve contract for ..say.. one week RL time frame..

In the same this concept can be used for any manner of rouge characters for pickpocketing from NPC, to breaking into homes or estates and grabbing the loot (so to speak)..

Gaurds Gaurds !
I have alway like how some cities have a posting of gaurds available to run screaming and yelling to when your being chased by a rather nasty horde of manical monster hot on your tail, and of course it would be even funnier if the gaurds ran away from you been chased by said monsters...
I sure at some point some people would like to play characters that are part of the city gaurd / military or some such like justly cause of protection of us well to do city dwellers, and considering in most game servers I have seen, you get a pack of rouges on one gaurd... you know that gaurd is in for a long stay at the local clerics temple for intensive sponge baths..err..I mean therapy. SO how about lending the good o'le city gaurd a hand with nice little summon help whistle widget.. which summons.. say .. 1d4 low rank recruits to help battle a evil doer or mad monster.. or better still use the better part of valor and become bait for the higher ranking officer so he can run to the local tavern and pretend he was never there Smile


Just another thought... (Yes I know I have too many of them, blame the coffee)
" Hey, I am loyal consumer and patron of this 'ere establisment of beverages and palatble food stuffs "
Yes and we would all love it if the NPC Bartenders and storekeepers remembered that and possibly offered discount incentives on bulk purchases and perhaps, just perhaps best prices of buying items from us..after all we been going to the same store since my grandfather was a wee boy ~( and continues on forever with a long tall tale of the family history)~ Very Happy

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A few random thoughts for future experiments Empty Re: A few random thoughts for future experiments

Post  GM_ODA Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:08 am

Pardon the long overdue reply - normally I like to leave a message for others in the forum to comment on before I weigh in, since once I do many presume my word the end of discussion. I left this thread a few days, the OP never returned (RL is strange that way) and nobody happened to comment on this so it grew stale and long overlooked.

RE : Assassins and Contracts we do indeed plan a system that includes elements you describe.

RE: GUARDS!!! ATM, if a city guard espies some danger in the city the guard will shout for help and nearby guards are sent running to aid the distressed guard. We can add a similar feature for PCs - this is a 'note to self or Erin whomever gets to it first'. Very Happy

RE: patronage and repeated patronage of an establishment will cause the merchant to (eventually) trust your PC more and _maybe_ drop a quest on your PC.

THIS IS EXCELLENT INPUT btw and I hope to see more like this.

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