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The Server is Progressing Along Nicely -

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The Server is Progressing Along Nicely - Empty The Server is Progressing Along Nicely -

Yesterday, the servervault stood at just over 1750 listed PLAYERS! This clearly shows that we continue to attract more than 50 new PLAYERS each month to look in on the server - those we poll claim to love the module and her features, and the server thus continues to grow. Still, we need MORE PEOPLE LOGGED IN LONGER HOURS to help solidify the community here, so if you are able, please do log in and show a presence for others here in ArgentumRegio!

The server is still growing, this past month we surpassed 1200 Areas, the server still solid, stable and responsive (lag free). So there are a host of new Areas to explore adventurers! Go get em!

Hope to see you online (bring a friend!),
Be well. Game on.
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