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The Bard at the Tivook Inn.

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The Bard at the Tivook Inn. Empty The Bard at the Tivook Inn.

Post  AnmeyaMax Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:09 am

*The bard Rohan ni'Erlor walks into the inn. After a conversation with the barmaid he eats a meal after his great journey to the inn. After a chat with the traveler and monk Brother Roads he stands up at the floor and takes out his shiny golden harp.
He tells his audience a story about the legends of Lohrn and Asam. The story is quite long and after his done with it he is very tired.
He asks the barmaid if there is any room for him. after a moment she comes back telling there is one room. Rohan rents the room, thanks and bows and tells goodnight. He walks up to the rooms section of the inn and opens his door and soon, slowly falls into a deep sleep. *
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