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Where in the World's is ArgentumRegio....

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Where in the World's is ArgentumRegio.... Empty Where in the World's is ArgentumRegio....

Post  Shar Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:16 pm

Other than the obvious "sitting on a tradeway etc". i am curious about the official stance of the game-world? this is what i am getting from playing here but it may not be true so admins feel free to correct and chip in as much data as you feel is nessessery.

This is what i am getting:

This world stands as one of the many "prime materiel planes" and uses what i see so far as the standard great wheel system for extra-plainer "stuff". Drow, horses, and possibly a few others come from the various standard primes which explains the mixing of the standard deity system and a system unique to this world.

i am of course deriving this off of some very vague info that is totally based on hearsay from rp with other players however it fits what i see so it could be correct. i just don't know....

Found this picture online.. looks like the one in the book.

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Where in the World's is ArgentumRegio.... Empty Re: Where in the World's is ArgentumRegio....

Post  GM_ODA Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:58 am

Dohral is in fact one of the 'prime material planes', not a location on any published world/scenario. The image you included is mostly accurate, save that we do not use the same names for the planes (I detest using real world mythos / locations in a fantasy game, such as heaven, hell, abyss, nirvana, etc.).

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