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Fears, doubts, and questions of the dark mage

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Fears, doubts, and questions of the dark mage Empty Fears, doubts, and questions of the dark mage

Post  Valerion Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:49 pm

Silently Valerion is sitting in a great cushioned throne in his private chambers of the Meldramin Tower, watching the surrounding lands through his window.

I am powerful, I did good deeds to cloak evil ones, I am the most powerful and mighty necromancer and wizard known in Vestalla and the Tivookean area, I have alliances with mighty forces, I have a mate, I have many things and persons in my grasp. Yet...I do not feel satisfied...something is missing...something...I cannot grasp, nor with my hands, neither with my imagination.
I slew beasts and men alike, I have fought, I have stolen, I have plotted, I have cast, I have created and so many more things, but what is it that is missing?

With a stern look he touches the Mirror to the Windows side, looking in his pale face, his eyes fallen in and glooming slightly silverish.

What is the most powerful and mighty man without an an enemy or a goal?
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