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Every Light Casts a Shadow

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Every Light Casts a Shadow Empty Every Light Casts a Shadow

Post  Shar Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:36 am

The world seemed to spin.

Ne'Sekoleth had spent his life traveling, either leaving towns before the population knew he was there or as they chased him off. it had been a year now that he had been in tivook, perhaps longer. Though the majority of people were leery of him there were a few that treated him as something more than a creature. The first and dearest among these was Charia. She had seen his camp one day, yet not ran after seeing him. over time a strong friendship developed between the two. She even began calling Ne "brother" and she was easily the first he had ever opened himself up to in any meaningful way.

After a time it became clear that Ne could no longer keep the way he felt for Charia hidden. She had become his world, his candle in the dark; and this was to such an extent that he would have gladly given his small hoard, his freedom, even his very soul, had she only asked.

Though his methods were unrefined as neither his linage nor his limited upbringing gave him such insight. He proposed to Charia, and though she declined, his feelings for her have never been hampered.

Now..he and a number of those he was welcomed by, suddenly found themselves in a town choked by fog and under attack by a strange evil. Ne had made it his personal mission to see charia through this never standing more than a few inches from her if he could help it. As they traveled however she became ever weaker until he was nearly carrying her, When suddenly she vanished from his grasp.

Despite the terrors of the town it was this that sent him over the edge... Charging forward the others were soon located, but without any sign of her. It was enough to break him. As the others cautiously headed back to the refuge or found a path to tivook Ne suddenly bolted from the party into the mist flinging steel and spell and every perceived object in his vengeful blood-lust. he would find charia or die in the attempt.
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