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A note on various blackboards of inns

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A note on various blackboards of inns Empty A note on various blackboards of inns

Post  Valerion Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:12 pm

*A highly decorated scroll of papyrus is hung up at several inns, temples and collectors blackboards, the letters seem rather fancy and the ink is of a deep dark navy blue*

To all people of high intellect, well read mind and certain professions!

I, Valerion Turingskar, Archmage of Vestalla, let you hereby know, that I buy rare ingredients and oddities, of many kinds, be it ore, metals, herbs, potions, oils, magical ingredients, tomes or historical documents of the young times of Dohral and before.

Payment can be brought in form of services of enchantment, crafting, money, knowledge and others, which will depend on each individuals interest, and the agreement between me and the person who offers sought for things, IF they are actually worth my while.

Thus I say with the words of a humble merchant I once knew.

Contact me, either over the Innkeeper Etrianna in Tivook, the Eastern Citadel's inn blackboard, or the Adamantine Golem at the Monstrous Manor in Vestalla who will act as your more direct liason to me.

With that, I wish a VERY good and profitable day.

Valerion the Pale, Archmage of Vestalla, Keeper of the Tower
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