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Post  GM_ODA Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:47 am

One evening at the Justice it is overheard from a loud drinking table of rough-looking friends.

"The last time I visited Pel's Place, we got to talking. He showed me some rare wares he had collected which were similar to some objects I had found in western Humfoodale. Pel said they were artifacts predating the Legardian Empire. Pel said he'd be interested in adding what I found to his collection for a reasonable price. [laughs and smiles] Ye know I drive a hard bargain and we could not light on the price suited to us both by a modest difference. So Pel says to me "Ye are a gambling man, how about a special sort of wager? A game of chance I will introduce ye to, lost to us but as old as these shards we haggle over. A game of chance ye can carry with ye everywhere even when ye have naught at all. How about it, I show ye the game which ye can use to ye own purpose later, if I win the game we play, the price is but 20 plat for the set ye have, if ye win, the 21 ye ask."

Ye know I'm a gambler but a game I can take with me when I have naught? [laughs] Me luck was splendid as I got the 21 [signals another round of drinks to the table] AND have a new game to show ye! This is splendid, put ye silver down and I put down mine. Now, the game is called Stone, Hide, Blade. Ye make a choice and I make a choice and we reveal our choice like this: flat hand is "Hide", fist hand is "Stone", and two fingers extended together are "Blade". Hide beats Stone as it can wrap the stone like this, Stone beats Blade, and Blade beats Hide. [smiles broadly] What a clever game those old Druids had eh? No leave your silver down we'll play for real now.... Ready and reveal! -"

The game proved popular at the Justice that night, more rounds were bought, and more coins changed hands among the happy gamblers. The game has spread recently to many in the city of Dohral and through the region.
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