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Suspicious Minds by Charia(from a current in game event)

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Suspicious Minds by Charia(from a current in game event) - Page 2 Empty Trouble Revisited(Tsully)

Post  Animayhem Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:36 pm

Charia had gotten word that Tsully had returned. She was pleased to hear this as many of her friends seemed to have vanished. Instead of sending another letter, Charia decided to go directly to the guild. However, when she got there, the mood was different, there was a tension in the air. One of the mercenaries told her she should not be here as it was dangerous and headed towrds the basement.Dangerous or no , Charia had to see if Tsully indeed was back and if he heard anything so followed the man. When she arrived she saw Tsully, but the man she followed turned to her and told her to get out. Seeing some confusion on Tsully's face, she removed her helm and smiled. Tsully's reaction was a mixture of disbelief and joy and told the man to stand down. After a few awkard moments he spoke, apologizing for not being here when she needed him. He had been extremely concerned over Fen so he was seeking her, though he said in hindsight he should of stopped and returned. Charia spoke,
" It's allright Tsully I understand. Now tell me what has been going on?" Tsully took her and showed her the remains of golems and some demons as well as a little boy seperated from his father. Charia winced slightly at the memory of the last time they met and the battle they had with golems then. She then turned and looked to Tsully and said,
" Have you any idea who may have done this? Do you think it is the same ones from before?" Before Tsully could respond the ground shook as apparently another attack was beginning. All ran up stairs and evacuated everyone we could. Charia took the boy's hand, and ran out thinking Tsully was behind them. He was not for as any leader would, he stayed behind to see if anyone was left.
He made an attempt for the door but the roof collapsed. Charia afraid for him, called his name but only heard a small moan in response. She ran and told the crier to relay the message the guildhouse collapsed.
The boy was scared as Tsully had been a comfort to him. Charia said a few encouraging words, then dropped him off at the closest temple. She returned to wait for help and prayed her friend was still alive.
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Suspicious Minds by Charia(from a current in game event) - Page 2 Empty Re: Suspicious Minds by Charia(from a current in game event)

Post  Orinai Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:50 pm

It was frustrating. So many many faces, so much unfamiliarity. He didnt know these people. And the people he knew hadnt been around in a while. Though he figured that for his own absence from the city, it was still a bit unsettleing. He always found himself thinking of the last he had seen them, and that was a troubling time, and that caused for the lingering worry.

Matters with the guild seemed to take the time from him since returning. Apparently the man who had initially hired him expected him to upkeep the guilds everyday order. He figured out as much when he began recieveing strange visits from a man who seemed to appear from thin air. He knew him as the finacial backer of The Established Order when he gave him a large amount of wealth and described to him slighty what was expected. After several more unexpected visits, he realized he was actually giving a report over the guilds going-ons. Though TEO had many mercernaries that could be hired, the shrouded visitor was unhappy about the guilds speacialized force. It had been some time since his last appearance.

As he was charged to do, he dealt with the daily details of the guild. From running simple errands to the agreed "patrol" of Mid and North Donnel, restocking the store rooms and making sure the local mercernaries are doing thier jobs. Though of late the Highguards had been giving him trouble, it didnt deter him from his duties, even as he started to dislike city life again. But he was a man of his word, and he had given his. He would see this to the end, wether good or bad.
Every task he could take that took him outside within the city, or on a journey in which he could keep an ear on the wind for new information hed take advantage of. Having been gone so long, and then coming back to the bustling city gave him a new appreciation for people and places. Until things were settled he would have to continue. So here he stood overlooking a recent shipment peeking out the window at the clouds. He longed for the skies.



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